January 29, 2019

Blue Dogs Welcome Reps. Ed Case, Joe Cunningham, and Kendra Horn

WASHINGTON—Today, the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition welcomed freshman Representatives Ed Case (HI-01), Joe Cunningham (SC-01), and Kendra Horn (OK-05) to its ranks. In total, the Blue Dog Coalition has 27 members, including 10 members of its freshman class. Rep. Case was a member of the Blue Dog Coalition from 2003 to 2007 while he served as a U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s second congressional district.

“We’re proud to welcome Reps. Case, Cunningham, and Horn to the Blue Dog Coalition,” said Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications. “These Members have come to Congress with the purpose to serve their districts first and work across the aisle to get things done for their constituents. Their records and their policy priorities make these members a natural fit for the Coalition. They care deeply about getting our nation’s fiscal house in order, strengthening our national defense, and creating a path to prosperity for the middle class. We look forward to their contributions to the Coalition as we look to improve the lives of all Americans.”

“In the twelve years since I last served in Congress, the Blue Dog Coalition has become even more relevant to finding a better way forward for our country, one that is realistic, pragmatic and inclusive,” said Rep. Case. “I look forward to working again with my fellow Blue Dogs toward workable mainstream solutions to the challenges of our generation with a focus on fiscal sustainability and national security.”

“In a time where Congress is defined by gridlock and hyper-partisanship on both sides, there has never been more of a need for a pragmatic middle,” said Rep. Cunningham. “I made the commitment to be an independent voice for the Lowcountry and an advocate for fiscal responsibility. I am thrilled to join a coalition dedicated to breaking down partisan barriers and congressional dysfunction to deliver real, pragmatic results that move America forward.”

“The Blue Dog Coalition brings together like-minded Members of Congress seeking commonsense solutions to provide for the financial stability and national security of our nation,” said Rep. Horn. “We share the same goal of putting practical solutions before politics, and I look forward to working with my Blue Dog colleagues on issues like a comprehensive border security strategy and the prevention of future government shutdowns.”