The Association of State Democratic Chairs was able to develop a strong training curriculum that will serve as a blueprint for county and municipal organizing for 2016 and beyond. They’ve partnered with a number of departments within the Democratic National Committee, as well as other allied organizations to bring you the most comprehensive 8 weeks of training in areas such as grassroots organizing, Democratic messaging, campaign technology and much more.

The T3 Training Program will officially launch Monday, September 14 at 6 pm EST. All training sessions will be conducted online using, and will take place every Monday and Wednesday through November 9th. The full curriculum for our training program can be found below.  Links for the sessions will be sent via email so please keep a close eye on your inbox. Participants should participate in all 8 weeks of sessions to maximize the impact of this program. For additional questions about the T3 Training Program, please contact your state Democratic Party at

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Week Topic Curriculum
14-Sep Introduction to T3 Program/Overview

Goals of the T3 program- timeline and curriculum overview; assessment results; certification and “Train the Trainer” expectation

The Democratic Party- a breakdown of national, state and local organizational structure; mission of the Party; Party leadership

16-Sep Technology

Basics of VAN and Tech platforms- processing volunteers; mapping and cutting turf; miniVAN/field tracking

List building and data management- data entry and creating lists; adding and searching people; breakdown of codes and categories

21-Sep Communications

Party Messaging in 2016- Overview of Democratic message; Factivist program; ways to amplify the message; national priorities

23-Sep Communications

Traditional media- best practices for writing op eds and letters to editor; writing a good opinion piece; fact-checking resources

28-Sep Digital

Basics of social media organizing- using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for recruitment; what not to post on social media; DNC digital partnership

30-Sep Digital

Email organizing- basics of managing an email campaign; what makes a successful email; building an email list; how to send blast email (digital platforms); content best practices

5-Oct Grassroots Organizing

Volunteer recruiting- how to organize house meetings; making the ask; building volunteer lists; sharing your personal story

7-Oct Grassroots Organizing

Voter contact- scheduling volunteer shifts; setting voter contact goals; do’s and don’ts of a successful canvass operation; do’s and don’t of a successful phone bank; building neighborhood teams;

12-Oct Opposition Research

Managing Trackers- how to track; barriers to tracking; how to transcribe and load footage; best practices for tracking; party resources (Project Vantage?)

14-Oct Technology

Phone banking- adding and editing voter information; making virtual phone bank calls; basic troubleshooting methods; creating and assigning user accounts

19-Oct Grassroots Organizing

Managing your voter registration drive- finding voter registration laws in your state; best practices for successful voter registration drives; drafting an effective voter registration script; site-based vs door-to-door registration; working with your local Board of Elections

21-Oct Grassroots Organizing

Volunteer management- volunteer motivation; creating and tracking volunteer shift goals; office culture

26-Oct Fundraising

Recruiting small dollar donors- donor motivation; donor list building; making the ask; bookkeeping

28-Oct Fundraising

Funding your grassroots efforts- making the sponsorship ask; budgeting

2-Nov General Campaign

Managing events- planning logistics for small campaign events; tools for managing guest list

4-Nov Political

Candidate recruitment- building the bench; making the ask; filing process

9-Nov Organizing Trainings

Teaching what you’ve learned- how to organize trainings in your state

Breakdown of T3 Content Book