For Immediate Release
July 16, 2019

Media Contact:
Angela Allmond, Communications Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

Another Trump Distraction

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Alicia Andrews has released the following statement regarding Trump’s recent tweets:

Another crisis, another distraction. Trump’s tweet, telling American citizens, our own elected officials, to go back to the countries they came from, though divisive, vile, and worse than immoral, must be recognized for what it truly is. Another distraction to shore up his far-right conservative base and divide our country.

The President is defaulting to his old standby when absent of substance. He knows that a surefire way to shift focus from his lack of effective policy positions is to attack those fighting for democracy and our American values.

Democrats will not be sidetracked from this administration’s agenda to disenfranchise Americans. We will hold Trump, and the Republicans who support these behaviors or stand by silently accountable come 2020.


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