We want to highlight our candidates before November 6th. Our first spotlight will be on our lone Democratic congressional seat in the 2nd District, which is a must-win race for us in November. Real Clear Politics announced that this race is one of only 23 races in the country labeled as a toss-up.

I would like to introduce you to our nominee for Congress in the 2nd District, Rob Wallace. He is a former State and Federal Prosecutor that is running to give the middle class a strong voice in Congress.

As a family man Rob lived in Poteau for 16 years and served as the District Attorney for LeFlore and Latimer counties before moving to the US Attorney’s office in Muskogee. He has been a fixture in the Party for almost 30 years now, and I know he will make a great Congressman.

Please help keep the 2nd District in the hands of a Democrat by making a $10 contribution to Rob’s campaign today.

Rob’s opponent is so rich the he is self funding his campaign with profits from the President’s Federal Stimulus, unlike Rob who has dedicated his career to serving people. Hypocritically, Markwayne Mullin called the Federal stimulus a “waste of taxpayer’s money” and yet records revealed that his company profited at least $370,000. If he cannot tell the truth about where his money comes from, how can we trust him to represent the middle class?

Rob has been running a strong campaign and in the primary election he received more votes than all six Republicans combined. However, campaigns are expensive and it costs a lot of money to pay for staff and to run ads on television. Rob needs your help.

Make a $10 donation today to Rob’s campaign and make a strong statement that the 2nd District will remain in Democratic hands.

Together we will hold this seat.


Wallace Signature

Wallace Collins, Chair