July 9, 2012

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Democratic Congressional Nominee Tom Guild Applauds the 80,000 New Jobs in June

          Edmond, Oklahoma– Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, applauds the creation of 80,000 new jobs in the month of June.

80,000 new jobs were created in June. These new jobs will bring new opportunities for 80,000 Americans. This news is a great deal better than the 750,000 jobs that were being lost in the month that President Obama and the Democratic Congress took office in January of 2009.

“There are still millions of folks who are hurting and need jobs, and assistance while they find work.  Many were formerly living their American dream and we need to give them the strength and support to get back to where they were. If a single American who wants to work can’t find a job, that’s one too many and a tragedy,” stated Guild.

Guild continued, “Too bad the Republicans in the U.S. Congress have turned down nearly every opportunity for more than three years to help those who are down and out and the middle class and have instead voted to cut programs in the safety net when they are needed the most.  God bless every family and every job and every opportunity created.  We need to do better and if the voters are wise and elect folks on the side of the middle class in making public policy, instead of those who have more than they can possibly consume and spend, we will continue to find our way, month by month, out of this economic crisis that has been going on the better part of five years now.”

Tom Guild is currently running for the congressional seat in the Fifth District of Oklahoma. For more information about Tom and his campaign, visit


Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District

Phone: 405-921-3811 or Email: