20 Dec

Mary Fallin Would Deny “Tiny Tim” Health Insurance??

For Immediate Release December 20, 2011 Contact: Trav Robertson Phone: 405-427-3366 MARY FALLIN WOULD DENY “TINY TIM” HEALTH INSURANCE?? Governor’s Executive Order Eliminates Healthcare for Babies & Newborns Oklahoma City, OK– State Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Dana Orwig and Party Treasurer, ...

15 Dec

Economy: Putting Americans Back to Work and Rebuilding a Fair Economy for the Middle Class

Over the last few decades, middle-class security had been slipping away for millions of families. Wages stagnated while health care costs soared. Fewer employers offered retirement and health benefits. College tuition costs skyrocketed. And then the Wall Street meltdown and ...

09 Dec

Push Back Against Right-Wing Overreach by Rep. Mike Brown

State of Oklahoma House of Representatives Push Back against Right-Wing Overreach By State Representative Mike Brown December 9, 2011 In the last seven years Republicans have consistently won elections on the promise to create a fairer and more business friendly ...

08 Dec

Support Legislation for Tribes to Apply for FEMA Assistance

For Immediate Release December 8, 2011 Contact: Wallace Collins Phone: 405-427-3366   Support Legislation for Tribes to Apply for FEMA Assistance   OKLAHOMA CITY – Yesterday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the direction of President Obama and Department ...

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