18 Apr

RELEASE: DNC New Officer Rolls Announced

The Democratic National Committee today announced roles and responsibilities for the incoming DNC officers

17 Apr

STATEMENT: Rep. Renegar, DVM Health Care in a Veterans’ Center Is Not the Same

When our soldiers go off to war we tell them, “You take care of us and we will take care you.”

15 Apr

RELEASE: Statement by Leader Inman on Brumbaugh’s Passing

I am so saddened to learn that a colleague and a friend, Rep. David Brumbaugh, has passed suddenly.

13 Apr

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus Update – Legislators Support Science Education Measure

“encourages students to explore scientific theories,” but that critics contend is merely a back-door entry to teach creationism alongside evolution.

12 Apr

RELEASE : House Legislative Updates

Resolution Regarding the Oklahoma State Legislature, 2017-03