26 Jul

Response to Trump Banning Transgender Military Members

Right this moment, around the world, brave transgender service members are protecting the American people - including Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

17 Jul

Trumps’ Made In America Hypocrisy

President Trump outsources his products, when he can be making them here in America

14 Jul

RELEASE: DNC Response to Flipping Republican Seats

Oklahoma Democrats Flipped Republican Strongholds

12 Jul

RELEASE: Democrats Win Both House and Senate Seats in Special Election

The ODP congratulates Representative-Elect Karen Gaddis and Senator-Elect Michael Brooks for their well-run campaigns and victories as they step forward to fight for our Democratic values.

10 Jul

RELEASE: DNC Announces Unprecedented Investments in State Democratic Parties

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) today announced the details of new unprecedented investments along with the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC)