20 Dec

Mary Fallin Would Deny “Tiny Tim” Health Insurance??

For Immediate Release
December 20, 2011
Contact: Trav Robertson
Phone: 405-427-3366


Governor’s Executive Order Eliminates Healthcare for Babies & Newborns

Oklahoma City, OK– State Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Dana Orwig and Party Treasurer, Donna Russell posed this question today when it was discovered that Governor Mary Fallin and Insurance Commissioner John Doak created and signed an emergency rule (365:10-1-15) eliminating birth as a “qualifying event” for individual healthcare coverage.

Treasurer Russell stated, “Simply put, this leaves an infant uninsured and the parents, not their insurance companies, responsible for ALL hospital charges. Fallin and Doak sold out our state’s newborns to the insurance industry. What happens to preemies or babies with high bilirubin? As a former teacher I believe this is the most irresponsible attack on our children I have ever witnessed.”

According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the delivery of a premature child can cost approximately $64,000.00. The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy asserts that Oklahoma ranks 5th highest in teen birth rates and 4th highest in child deaths.

“Fallin’s actions have the stench of hypocrisy. She claims to be pro-life and in one single moment she puts the life of every single newborn in danger and every family into potential bankruptcy…as a member of the clergy, I find her actions immoral,” Orwig stated.

Both officers concluded, “This is a pattern of behavior by Republicans, using the insurance industry as a whole to mislead Oklahomans on how to plan for their futures properly. As mothers, we cannot believe that Republican Governor Fallin and Republican Commissioner Doak, who claim to support family values, do not have the moral compass to protect those who cannot control the circumstances into which they are born. It is reprehensible to stick hard-working Oklahomans with the bill and they should reverse this order immediately.”


15 Dec

Economy: Putting Americans Back to Work and Rebuilding a Fair Economy for the Middle Class

Over the last few decades, middle-class security had been slipping away for millions of families. Wages stagnated while health care costs soared. Fewer employers offered retirement and health benefits. College tuition costs skyrocketed. And then the Wall Street meltdown and housing market crash cost 8.8 million jobs and sent the economy into a deep recession. In January 2009 – just as the President took office – more than 700,000 Americans lost their jobs.

From day one, President Obama took immediate action to address the crisis and began laying the foundation for a job-creating economy that’s built to last. President Obama’s recovery program supported as many as 3.5 million jobs by cutting taxes; investing in clean energy, roads and bridges; keeping teachers in the classroom; and protecting unemployment benefits. The private sector has now created nearly 3 million jobs during 21 straight months of private-sector growth – but our work is not done. His proposed American Jobs Act would put even more people back to work now and put even more money in people’s pockets, but Washington Republicans are blocking it.

As we recover from the greatest economic and financial crisis since the Great Depression, President Obama is fighting to restore the basic values of balance and fairness that made our country great. We are now at a make-or-break moment for the middle class.

The President believes Americans should be able to earn enough to raise a family, send their kids to school, own a home and put enough away to retire. That can only happen when hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and when everybody plays by the same rules, does their fair share and has a fair shot at success. To create true middle-class security, we can’t just cut our way to prosperity, as some have suggested. An economy that creates the jobs of the future and exports goods stamped “Made in America” will not come by outsourcing, but by out-educating, out-innovating and out-building the world.

09 Dec

Push Back Against Right-Wing Overreach by Rep. Mike Brown

State of Oklahoma
House of Representatives
Push Back against Right-Wing Overreach
By State Representative Mike Brown

December 9, 2011

In the last seven years Republicans have consistently won elections on the promise to create a fairer and more business friendly tax policy, to improve vital government services like education, public safety and health care, to prepare students for a competitive marketplace and to protect Oklahoma families.

On the surface, these promises resonate with the average Oklahoman who reacts positively to terms like, “improve”, “protect” and “fair”. But a sober assessment of their agenda reveals that what this has amounted to are attacks on workers, the middle class, and public services and institutions.

Republicans were successful in convincing much of the public that state budget shortfalls were in part a result of teachers and public servants being lavishly overpaid and granted extravagant benefits packages – and were not deterred by the facts that the average pension is $19,000 a year, and teachers pay is ranked 48th in the nation. They purposely distorted the word “union” to justify denying municipal employees their right to negotiate at arm’s length and in good faith with their employer.

In order to make the state more “business friendly” Republicans felt it necessary to drive through an alarming amount of destructive legislation that eroded the rights of workers by overhauling the Workers’ Compensation system to better favor doctors, lawyers and insurance companies. There is now a $350,000 hard cap on noneconomic damages that cannot be lifted by a judge or jury, even in cases where the victim suffered permanent and substantial physical abnormalities or disfigurement.

Republicans have assaulted our public education system as failing in order to further their agenda of supporting charter and private schools, but of the 1,845 school sites in Oklahoma, only 8% are on the “needs improvement” list. Nonetheless, rather than providing adequate funding to improve these schools they instead took dollars from our public coffers to provide vouchers for private schools. The school voucher bill lauded this past year by Republicans to create educational opportunities for “needy” children will award scholarships to eligible “needy” families, which according to them is a family of four that makes as much as $122,000.00 a year.

The “fair” business environment the Republicans have created has led to Chesapeake Energy paying an effective corporate tax rate of -2.1 percent from 2008-2010, Devon Energy paying 0.6 percent, Williams paying 1.0 percent, and OneOK paying 1.1 percent. Don’t look for things to change under the current regime, as the chairman of the Task Force on State Tax Credits supports oil and gas incentives, regardless of the loss of revenue to the state and thus, public services.

Now the talk is centered on the Republicans efforts to reduce and/or eliminate the state income tax, which is the single largest source of support for education, health care, transportation and public safety. There is no talk of backfilling the major budget cuts any of these programs have endured over the last several years. As classroom sizes continue to grow, caseloads increase, fewer nutrition sites open their doors and fewer law enforcement officers patrol our streets and guard our prisons, Republicans continue their right-wing overreach to dismantle democratic institutions and government services.

There is an enormous chasm between the Oklahoma Republican regime and the average Oklahoman. Republicans have waged a successful campaign against policies that form the very foundation of economic opportunity and the middle class, but their mantra of “jobs” along with the political exploitation of religion and Second Amendment rights has been exposed as merely a smokescreen for an anti-worker, anti-public services doctrine.

This next session more efforts will be underway to disenfranchise voters and shortchange vital government services. As the Republican agenda continues to benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, I promise to be at the front lines of these critical fights.

*Mike Brown represents District 4 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He lives with his family in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

08 Dec

Support Legislation for Tribes to Apply for FEMA Assistance

For Immediate Release
December 8, 2011
Contact: Wallace Collins
Phone: 405-427-3366


Support Legislation for Tribes to Apply for FEMA Assistance


OKLAHOMA CITY – Yesterday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the direction of President Obama and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, announced that it supports amending federal law to allow federally recognized tribal governments to make disaster declaration requests directly to the president.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports legislative efforts to strengthen the bonds between Native American tribes and the U.S. government. We also recognize the importance of having access to FEMA resources during a time of crisis,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins.

Under current law, only states, through the governor, can make disaster declaration requests directly to the president. Amending the law would acknowledge the sovereignty of federally recognized tribes and the trust relationship of the United States, and enhance FEMA’s working relationship with tribal governments. Such a change would be another step in fulfilling the promise of a presidential memo issued by President Obama to improve the administration’s support for tribal governments. Such a legislative change to the Stafford Act would allow a tribal government to choose whether to directly request a separate declaration or to receive assistance, as they do presently, under a declaration for a state.

As part of these efforts to work with tribal governments directly, during the past year, and as part of their continued commitment, FEMA has designated tribal liaisons in each of their ten regional offices, and hired an attorney who is educated, trained, and experienced in federal Indian law and emergency management to better support tribes before, during and after an emergency or disaster strikes.  This has allowed FEMA to closely coordinate with tribes, and make sure they have the support they need while planning, preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters.