06 Aug

Tom Guild Explores Incumbent James Lankford’s Record to Date


August 6, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811 or Email:



Tom Guild Explores Incumbent James Lankford’s Record to Date


          Tom Guild, the Democratic Nominee for Congress from Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, explores Incumbent James Lankford’s record to date.

–more than two trillion has been added to the national debt (his top priority is reducing the debt) and his actions may worsen future budget deficits and debt by insisting that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy be extended past January 1, 2013, thus adding a projected $866 billion to the national deficits and debt in the next ten years

–he voted for a law creating a super committee in Congress, requiring the sequester or automatic budget cuts of more than a trillion dollars, causing the possible loss of 16,000 jobs in Oklahoma

–the unnecessary drama by House Republicans over raising the debt ceiling, allowing the country to pay the bills Congress racked up, led to the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history

–he voted over and over and over…33 times to repeal the affordable care act to no avail, it is still the law of the land…too many show votes and not enough serious work getting done

–he has drawn a full $174,000 salary and gone to work  (the house has been in session in 2012) about 62% of the time available Monday through Friday starting on January 2, 2012 and this percentage will drop to approximately 50% of the available work days for ordinary Americans (after his current five-week vacation ends)

–he stated his opinion on film that sexual orientation is a choice, sparking nationwide controversy and unfavorable attention, although his view is contrary to health professionals and official statements of the AMA and APA

–he also drew nationwide negative attention by stating repeatedly that he thinks it should remain legal to fire workers simply based on their sexual orientation

–he wants to privatize, thus weaken, and likely destroy Social Security

–he voted to end Medicare and “replace” it with a voucher program by voting for the Ryan Budget in the house

–he opposes the new DHS policy allowing children of undocumented parents to stay in the country and work for two years in a program to be finalized this month

–he co-authored a personhood bill, that threatens women’s health, by making contraception illegal and threatening the future of in vitro fertilization clinics

–he wants to take away citizenship from children born in the U.S. of undocumented parents (although this violates the 14th amendment)

–he opposed the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act, and voted for the watered down House version, leading to the failure to reauthorize the law to protect women who are the victims of domestic abuse

“It is outrageous that Congress is taking a five-week vacation while the country faces uncertainty and an economic crisis.  The House has not passed any of its appropriations bills to date, with an October 1 deadline looming.  The post office is in a crisis that was caused by Congress, and the incumbent congressman is on vacation, which reminds many of Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.  It is small wonder that Americans hold Congress in such historically low esteem that some polls have their approval rating in single digits,” states Guild.

Enough is Enough!  Replace Lankford!  Fire Congress!


03 Aug

Cedar Removal Demonstration Scheduled for Monday August 6th

State of Oklahoma



August 3, 2012


Rep. Richard Morrissette, District 92

State Capitol – Room 543

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Contact: Jacklyn Brink-Rosen

(405) 557-7404




(Oklahoma City, OK) On Monday, Governor Fallin declared a state of emergency for extreme and exceptional drought in all 77 counties, as residents around the state continued wildfire clean up efforts.

The drought is now blamed for contributing to major fires in Comanche, Payne and Pottawatomie Counties and the demise of crops and ground cover to include otherwise hardy prairie grass and severe damage to several tree species but not eastern redcedar. Vegetation loss expose soil thus preventing a natural cooling process from occurring while cedar canopy continue to avert what little rain has fallen drawing from water stores to survive the extreme conditions: a recipe for disaster.

The Department of Agriculture recently estimated the Oklahoma cedar population at one million acres; individual trees consume 80 gallons of water per day, as residents are being asked to begin voluntary water rationing.

“Last session, I promised to remind those who would not support the rights of farmers and ranchers to use their available financial resources to have cedar removed of their irresponsibility.  We cannot collect taxes from a defunct operation. And, now the drought has returned, the cattle are being sold off, crops are burned up and the cedar fires blaze on!” said state Rep. Richard Morrissette, (D-OKC)

Described as a comprehensive addendum to his earlier cedar legislation, last session, Morrissette brought HB2695, the Oklahoma Resource Reclamation Act. A handful of Senators took issue with the 4-part measure saying the “in lieu of ” section was simply a tax credit and killed the bill. But, supporters pointed out that the offer was a one time, one year-long opportunity to incentivize cedar removal from the state’s largest tracts of land by way of a “self-subsidize” formula to benefit all Oklahomans with an amazingly insignificant fiscal impact: $560.00.

“We’ve learned a lot about the problem since passage of 2010-HB2686. The board that has been established is tracking all of the latest developments and looking for cedar markets, but the expense of removal continues to be the challenge. I did get part of what I wanted in an amendment to 2012-SB1539 (Armes-Brecheen) and that should provide some relief.”

SB1539, with the Morrissette amendment, allows for cedar to be harvested by inmates on both public and private lands. Harvested cedar will be stacked and identified as available at no cost for those registered with the cedar board as manufacturers of cedar products.

“Now, I have several tree saw companies asking to demonstrate their wares. In accordance with HB2686, I am doing what I can to showcase what’s out there to help with removal. Anybody with equipment, this is your opportunity to show Oklahomans what you’ve got. Costs to purchase these items could have been made easier for our farmers and ranchers with HB2695, but it is what it is.” said Morrissette.

On Monday, August 6th, at 10 AM, there will be a demonstration given by ROOTHOG of Oklahoma and the Marshal Tree Saw Company with assistance from Bobcat of Oklahoma. The cedar removal demonstration will be held at the 155 acre Harrah Industrial Park located on Reno Avenue, 1/4 mile east of Harrah Road(Highway 270). Highway 270 is four lanes and connects with Interstate Highway 40.

Directions: I-40 east to Harrah Newalla road exit. Go north on Harrah Newalla road to Reno. East on Reno to Industrial Blvd, which will be on the south side of the street.

The demonstration is being held in conjunction with efforts by the office of Special Projects, Commissioner Brian Maughan, Oklahoma County, whose SHINE program removes cedar using offenders sentenced to community service. Oklahoma County will provide a water truck at the demonstration site to prevent ignition of dry materials. ROOTHOG will provide a tent for visitors as well as bottled water and snacks.

For more information, contact Myles Davidson, Special Projects Coordinator at (405) 650-4118 or call Rep. Richard Morrissette’s Capitol office at (405) 557-7404.


“I will host as many of these as necessary. Call me if you’d like to participate, next time.”



30 Jul

Rob Wallace Honors 47th Anniversary of Medicare

For Immediate Release                                                     
Contact: Kyle Gott

July 30, 2012                                                        
Phone: (918) 913-9209



Rob Wallace Honors 47th Anniversary of Medicare

Says he will fight to keep the promise of Medicare to our seniors



Muskogee, OK – Today, Rob Wallace celebrates the 47th Anniversary of Medicare.  Earlier in the campaign, Wallace called on his fellow candidates to join him in pledging to protect Medicare.  Wallace stands by his pledge to protect the guaranteed benefits for seniors who paid their whole working life into the system.


“Today marks an extraordinary anniversary in our nation’s history.  On this day in 1965 we passed one of the most defining pieces of legislation of our society:  Medicare,” stated Rob Wallace.


“Medicare is a promise we made to our seniors, and I intend to keep it.  That promise we made is under assault by some in Congress and by some candidates for Congress.  My promise to you is: I will stand with our seniors and will always vote to protect Medicare for them.”


Wallace remains one of the only candidates making Medicare a top priority in his campaign.  Others have lost the opportunity to stand up for our seniors by focusing on personal attacks and negativity.


“We need to reduce spending and get the deficit under control, but we have to do it the right way.  Cutting Medicare, while protecting millionaires is not right.  Congress must end the partisan bickering and work together so we can do the right thing,” continued Wallace.


Wallace’s career as a prosecutor has been focused on right and wrong, not right and left.  By pledging to protect Medicare, Wallace continues his reputation to do what is right.  He looks forward to working with both parties on a common sense solution that protects Medicare and our seniors while also reducing our deficit.




30 Jul

The Most Partisan and Worst Congress Ever!


July 30, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811 or Email:



The Most Partisan and Worst Congress Ever!


Incumbent Fifth District Congressman James Lankford Should Be Defeated!


           Tom Guild, the Democratic Nominee for Congress from Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, feels that the current congress is the most partisan and worst congress ever, and that the incumbent, Fifth District Congressman James Lankford should be defeated.


An academic study has been done by well-respected nonpartisan scholars who said the following about the current 112th Congress, “We have been studying Washington politics and Congress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dysfunctional.”


When the 112th Congress was sworn in the unemployment rate was 9.1% and it is now 8.2%, despite the disastrous handling of the debt ceiling in May-August 2011 and its refusal to act to create jobs.


House Republicans nearly caused the American economy to go over the fiscal cliff in August 2011 by playing games in raising the debt ceiling, so that the United States could continue to pay the bills that Congress racked up.  This led to the lowering of the U.S. credit rating for the first time in U.S. history.  The credit agency said it lowered the country’s credit rating because, “the downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges.”


To compound the country’s problems, the House Republicans (including Lankford) voted to create a congressional “super committee” that failed to come up with recommendations that could be agreed to by the “super committee”.  This committee failure triggered automatic budget cuts or sequester of more than a trillion dollars to defense and domestic spending, that was required in the law passed setting up the “super” committee.  This created another problem that congressmen who voted for the law are now bemoaning.  They should have known better.


Instead of learning from the debt ceiling and “super” committee disaster, the House Republican Speaker (who Lankford voted to make speaker) says, “We shouldn’t dread the debt limit.  We should welcome it.”


According to Congressional Quarterly this is the most polarized Congress ever.  In 2011, the votes in which a majority of Democrats opposed a majority of Republicans set a new record in the U.S. House.  75.8% of roll call house votes pitted the Democrats against the Republicans.  The average was boosted by some of the 33 show votes House Republicans have taken to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Some have defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  All 33 votes effected zero change in the law.

It is no wonder that the two lowest scores in the history of the Gallup Poll for a Congress are held by the 112th, 10% in February 2012 and 11% in December 2011.  This Congress has added to its “do nothing” reputation by passing fewer bills than any Congress since 1947.  They are in last place by a wide margin.


“It is clear to me that this Congress and Congressman Lankford are the problem not the solution.  They are doing nothing to help and taking numerous actions which are harming our country and our economy.  They are extremely partisan, polarizing, and unpopular, and should be replaced in November for the good of the country and the fifth congressional district of Oklahoma,” stated Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District.



25 Jul

Republican’s Choice for Senate District 13: JAILED

For Immediate Release
July 24, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson


Republican’s Choice for Senate District 13: JAILED

Oklahoma Republican Party Chair Matt Pinnell and President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman Should Call for Their Candidate to Withdraw


Oklahoma City – Republican candidate for Senate District 13, Fred Smith, is currently in jail for failure to pay child support. The seat which covers parts of Pontotoc, Coal, Hughes, and Garvin counties is currently held by Senator Susan Paddack, Ada.

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Wallace Collins said ”This continues a pattern of bad behavior from the Republican party in Oklahoma. How can candidates expect to manage the business of the State of Oklahoma if they are incapable of doing so in their personal lives?”

“It’s outrageous that this individual continues to have the support of the Oklahoma Republican Party. Matt Pinnell and the Republican leadership are responsible for this candidate and are responsible if he stays in this race.” Chairman Collins continued, “I believe that Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell and Senate Pro Tempore Brian Bingman should ask their candidate to step down.”

“The failure of the Republican Party’s leadership in this matter is further evidence of their lack of respect for good government and the citizens of District 13. These hard-working Oklahomans deserve better.” added ODP Vice-Chair Dana Orwig.