04 Sep

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Labor Day

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Labor Day

DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement celebrating Labor Day:

“American workers are second to none. And thanks to the labor movement, our economy is the envy of the world. But for the past seven months, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Republican lawmakers in Congress and across the country have leveled an all-out assault on American workers. They’ve gone after people’s health care and retirement security; they’ve slashed workers’ wages and undermined equal pay and overtime protections; they’ve confirmed a Supreme Court justice committed to gutting collective bargaining rights; and just last week, Trump and Republicans put forward a tax plan full of massive giveaways to the top 1% at the expense of working families.

“While Republicans chip away at protections for American workers, Democrats are focused every day on creating better opportunities for the middle class and building an economy that works for everyone. As we celebrate Labor Day and the profound contributions of the American labor movement to our shared prosperity, it’s never been more important to fight for the better deal every working family deserves.”


31 Aug

Leader Inman’s Statement on Supreme Court Vehicle Sales Tax Ruling

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STATEMENT: Inman Responds to Supreme Court Ruling on Vehicle Sales Tax

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. and House Minority Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, released the following statement today after the Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld removing a vehicle sales tax exemption as constitutional.

“Today’s court ruling presents a mixed bag for Oklahoma voters. While avoiding another loss of $100 million to the current year’s budget, the ruling has empowered this Republican majority to raise the taxes of middle class families without honoring the will of the Oklahoma citizens who passed State Question 640 in 1992.

“While I disagree with the majority opinion, in that the new car tax was clearly passed exclusively for the purposes of raising revenue, it’s important to note that we still have a $215 million gap for this fiscal year created by the unconstitutional cigarette tax and an even bigger hole to fill when we begin the Legislative session next year.

“A potential silver lining in today’s ruling, it appears the Court has now opened the door to increasing, with only a majority vote in the Legislature, the gross production tax exemption that has served as a road block to the Oklahoma standard rate of 7 percent. The time is right to remove the artificially low gross production tax rate of 2 percent.

“I call upon the governor and Republican leaders of the House and Senate to continue negotiations with House and Senate Democrats and come to an agreement on a long term, bipartisan budget solution for a Special Session that will ensure our teachers and public employees receive a raise, shore up our rural hospitals, protect our public safety, and improve our roads and bridges so that we can rebuild our state from the devastating fiscal policies of the last seven years. Oklahoma cannot continue to wait.”


31 Aug

RELEASE: DNC Response to GOP Lawmakers Inciting Violence

DNC on GOP Lawmakers Inciting Violence in Missouri and Georgia

Following reports that Republican Missouri Rep. Warren Love said he hoped vandals would be “hung from a tall tree with a long rope,” and Georgia Rep. Jason Spencer posted that people opposed to confederate statues “will go missing,” DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh released the following statement:

“Both Warren Love and Jason Spencer made unconscionable threats alluding to a type of political violence with painful roots in American history. There is never an excuse for these types of intimidations in our political discourse. With our nation still healing from the tragedies of Charlottesville – where white supremacists marched with torches and shouted racist chants – the people of Missouri and Georgia deserve better. Republican lawmakers Love and Spencer plunged to new lows by peddling threats of violence against members of their communities. In stark contrast, the Democratic Party will always stand up to disgraceful displays of bigotry such as this.”


22 Aug

RELEASE: DNC Chair Tom Perez on Arizona Trump Rally

Tom Perez on Arizona Trump Rally

In advance of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Arizona, DNC Chair Tom Perez released the following statement:

“Instead of uniting the American people against hatred and bigotry, Trump is heading to Arizona to throw salt in the wounds he tore open with his response to Charlottesville. In the first seven months of his presidency, Trump has already shattered immigrant families and attacked the voting rights of Latino citizens, all while doing nothing to fix our broken immigration system. He’s embraced the same disastrous law enforcement policies championed by his close friend, Joe Arpaio. And he wants to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a divisive wall that will weaken America’s economy without making us any safer.

“Trump’s immigration agenda is an affront to our values, a threat to our security, and a disaster for our economy. Democrats believe that diversity is our greatest strength, and we will continue working to tear down the walls that divide us. As Donald Trump promotes policies rooted in prejudice, Democrats remain committed to finding bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face as a nation.”


22 Aug

Free Online Training for Democratic Candidates

The Oklahoma Democratic Party Announces Free Online Training for Democratic Candidates

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee to provide online training for any Democrat running for office and Democratic volunteers in the state of Oklahoma. The online candidate training apparatus is designed to give both first-time candidates and seasoned elected officials the know-how to run smart, successful campaigns at no cost to the candidate or the campaign.

Who: Democrats running for office and Democratic volunteers anywhere in this state for any position from School Board to Governor.

What: Free online training for all Oklahoma Democrats running for office and Democratic volunteers.

When: Training starts now and will always be available to Democrats in Oklahoma through this partnership between the Oklahoma Democratic Party and the National Democratic Training Committee.

How: Candidates and volunteers can sign up at to get started.

“The Oklahoma Democratic Party is excited to be working with national experts at the National Democratic Training Committee,” stated Anna Langthorn, the Chair and Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. “Providing quality training tools to all our candidates is one of our main goals for this year’s special elections and the 2018 election cycle.”

Questions about the program may be submitted by email to the Chair/Executive Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Anna Langthorn at