17 Sep

Senator Al McAffrey Endorses Tom Guild for 5th Congressional District


September 17, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811




Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma Endorsed by Senator Al McAffrey.

          Edmond, Oklahoma– Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, has been endorsed by Senator Al McAffrey.

In a letter Senator Al McAffrey sent to his constituents, Senator McAffrey wrote, “As a Washington insider, James Lankford has supported policies that leave thousands of Oklahomans out in the cold. Congressman Lankford has proudly voted to obliterate Medicare as we know it. He’s advocated for privatizing Social Security. He doesn’t believe groups airing political ads should disclose their donors. He was against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And he supports massive tax cuts for multi-millionaires and Big Oil companies while asking Oklahoma seniors and middle class families to pay more.”

McAffrey continued, “James Lankford has stood hand-in-hand with Paul Ryan to pass a budget that would increase out-of-pocket health care costs for seniors by more than $6,000 in 2022. Their plan would repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, preventing an estimated 34 million uninsured Americans to get the health insurance they need. It would force over 7 million seniors to pay more for cancer screenings and prevention programs, while requiring senior cancer patients to pay millions more for lifesaving cancer drugs immediately. And at a time when going to college is becoming more and more difficult, James Lankford voted to slash college Pell grants by nearly 60% next year alone, reducing the maximum award amount from $5,550 to about $2,100.”

We need to fire Congressman Lankford. And we need to hire Tom Guild. Tom is progressive leader that will fight day in and day out to protect Social Security, preserve Medicare, strengthen public education, expand job creation and ensure that our government is working for the people of Oklahoma. James Lankford is wrong for Oklahoma and he needs to be fired. Thankfully, we will have that opportunity in November by voting for Tom Guild,” concluded McAffrey.

Guild responded, “We appreciate the strong endorsement of our campaign by Senator Al McAffrey! He urges fifth district voters to fire Lankford and hire me to represent us in Congress. Al joins the Brennan Society, Change Oklahoma, the Oklahoma AFL-CIO, the AFGE, the Oklahoman Coalition for Reproductive Justice, the American Federation of Teachers and thousands of middle class Oklahomans in supporting our campaign! Thanks Al!”

Guild is currently running for the congressional seat in the Fifth District of Oklahoma. For more information about Tom and his campaign, visit


14 Sep

Rousselot to be Honored with Rural Legislative Excellence Award

Oklahoma House of Representatives
Media Division
September 14, 2012

Democratic Leader Scott M. Inman
Contact: Valorie Owens
Capitol: (405) 962-7604

Rousselot to be Honored with Rural Legislative Excellence Award

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Rural Health Association of Oklahoma will honor state Rep. Wade Rousselot at a Sept. 21 conference for his dedication, leadership and service in rural health.

Each year, the Rural Health Association of Oklahoma (RHAO) presents a Rural Legislative Excellence Award to one state senator and one state representative for their contributions and advocacy for rural health.

“It is a special honor to be recognized by an organization that I truly respect for their great work on rural health issues,” said Rousselot (D-Oklay).

The mission of RHAO is “Serving as a united voice for Oklahomans in the promotion of rural health issues, through advocacy, education, and leadership.”

Rousselot has a strong record of advocacy on rural health care issues.

“Where you live should not determine how healthy you are,” said Rep. Rousselot. “Right now the need for better health access and services is critical in rural Oklahoma. We need to work together to do all we can to ensure our communities have the best resources on hand to combat illnesses and accidents.”

The United Health Foundation America’s Health Rankings Report rated Oklahoma as 49th worst in the nation in the number of doctors per 100,000 people. Earlier data showed that there were only 2.4 physicians per 1000 population, and that almost a third of Oklahomans live more than an hour away from a major hospital trauma center with high level care.

“Representative Wade Rousselot is a tireless champion of residents in rural areas, and he has true insight and vision into the various struggles and challenges they face,” said House Democratic Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City. “His views on rural issues are respected by all members, and I am incredibly proud of him and pleased he is being recognized for his work on health care access and equity.”
Rousselot serves on the Human Services Committee, House Ethics Committee, Energy & Utility Regulation Committee, General Government Committee, the Special Committee on Soldier Relief, and the Joint Legislative Task Force on the Grand River Dam Authority.

Rousselot also serves as an Assistant Minority Floor Leader within the Democratic Caucus.

The 2012 Rural Legislative Excellence Award will be presented during the joint conference of the Rural Health Association of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Primary Care Association Sept. 19-21, 2012. The conference, “Getting Better Together: Strengthening the Healthcare Safety Net for Rural and Underserved Oklahomans,” will address improving healthcare delivery, access, and outcomes for underserved and rural communities.


11 Sep

Press Release: Chairman Statement on Anniversary of 9/11

For Immediate Release
September 11, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson


Chairman Collins Statement on Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks


Oklahoma City – The Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Wallace Collins, released the following statement regarding the anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

“Today, we must take a moment to reflect over the past 11 years and remember those who fell on that terrible day,” said Collins. “We want to thank the first responders, firefighters, and police officers who work to protect us from harm. We also honor our service men and women who fight for us on foreign soil.”

“The acts of patriotism that Americans show in times of struggle is what makes our country great, and as we continue to move forward — we must never forget.”



10 Sep

Guild Campaign Makes Strides


September 10, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811 or Email:



The Guild for Congress Campaign Continues to Make Strides in Its Aggressive, Grassroots Campaign

The Guild for Congress Campaign continues to make strides in its aggressive, grassroots campaign in the area of campaign finance, voter contact, and endorsements.

The campaign has raised approximately $70,000 to date.  The vast majority of the donations have come from grassroots, middle class donors, who donate from $5-$100.  The Guild Campaign is a modest, middle class campaign, not dependent on wealthy donors, or on political action committee donations or political action committee independent expenditures.  It is a sharp contrast with the million dollar campaign of the fifth district incumbent and his large cache of PAC money and high dollar contributions.  Tom Guild supports overturning Citizen’s United that allows unlimited corporate expenditures in elections.  In the meantime, Guild supports the Disclose Act, to legally require that all donors to candidates, PACs or Super PACs be disclosed prior to election day.  His opponent, incumbent congressman James Lankford, opposes legally requiring groups that run political ads to disclose their donors  (Daily Oklahoman October 23, 2010 at page 22A).

“We have visited 11,500+ households to leave our literature, have made 3,500+ phone calls, have put up 1,000+ yard signs, and have erected three billboards on supporters’ property.  We have 80 volunteers and a dedicated core of 35 volunteers who canvass or make phone calls for our campaign weekly,” states Guild.

Guild continues, “We have been endorsed by the Brennan Society, Change Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State American Federation of Teachers, the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, the American Federation of Government Employees, the Oklahoma AFL-CIO, and  many individuals in the fifth congressional district.”

“We are proud that we are running a middle class, grassroots financed and powered campaign for Congress.  If we are going to take back our government and break the gridlock and dysfunctional congressional paralysis, we are going to have to do it from the grassroots level and not from the top down, as has been the recent common practice, leading to unsatisfactory results for our people,” concluded Tom Guild.

Tom Guild is the Democratic Nominee for the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma. 


31 Aug

Renegar Questions Fairness of Education Evaluation Standards

State of Oklahoma

House of Representatives





August 31, 2012


Rep. Brian Renegar                         

State Capitol Building Rm. 504                                     

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105

Contact: Valorie Owens                                  



Renegar Questions Fairness of Education Evaluation Standards


OKLAHOMA CITY (August 31, 2012) One state lawmaker, disturbed by the way the word “fair” is being distorted by high-ranking education officials, has decided to file legislation to implement fairness in an evaluation method that he says is clearly lacking in fairness.

Representative Brian Renegar plans to address new rules adopted by the State Department of Education that will grade school districts on the performance of students who take online courses or attend virtual schools.

“I find it unfair that we will soon be grading school districts on factors outside of their control,” said Rep. Renegar, D-McAlester. “How is it fair to grade a brick and mortar public school according to how well a virtual student performs?”

Rep. Renegar contends that a more appropriate body to hold accountable for the performance of virtual students would be the Department of Education.

“As the Department of Education is incredibly supportive of virtual schools that don’t even exist yet, to the point of raiding money from very real public schools and students, my legislation will hold it accountable for the academic successes or failures of virtual courses and schools. If virtual students underperform on any areas, the Education Department would be accountable.”

He noted that, according to the State Department of Education, in the years of 2009-2011 there has been a reduction of 1,533 full-time education employees while student enrollment has increased by an estimated 20,000 students. While public schools have endured cuts in funding despite increased enrollment, the Education Dept. this year set aside funding for virtual schools based on an assumption of maximum student enrollment.

“In addition, the Education Department thinks it’s appropriate to grade schools based on student attendance, so likewise, it will be graded on this criteria as it applies to the participation and completion rate of virtual students,” said Rep. Renegar. “As a reminder, the Education Department adopted standards in which it takes a 93.7% or higher to score an “A” grade.”

During a House Education meeting this past session, a representative of the Education Department said, point blank, that when the Department was crafting the rules for the A-F grading system, the calculations resulted in too many schools receiving a grade of “A” when the corresponding score was set at 90%. Therefore, an “A” grade must be 93.7% or higher.

“Why would the Education Department intentionally develop a formula in order to decrease the chances of schools receiving an ‘A’ grade? Is the Department’s goal to make our public schools appear to be under-performing? If so, why?”

“Honestly, I am fed up with the loose use of the word “fair” when it comes to how our public schools are funded. I am frustrated with how the Education Department is prioritizing funding for charter and virtual schools over our public schools. I am upset with school districts being forced to ask their patrons to approve bond issues or to ask for donations because the Department is placing our taxpayer dollars in the hands of private and for-profit virtual schools.”

“Right now the education evaluation standards in place for schools is anything but fair.”

Two weeks following the General Election in November, legislators will be authorized to prefile bills and resolutions for introduction.

The House of Representatives will convene for the First Regular Session of the 54th Oklahoma Legislature on Tuesday, January 8, 2013.