12 Feb

Sen. Al McAffrey to Make Campaign Announcement

Media Advisory

February 12th, 2014

Joe Hartman
(405) 641­-7428

Sen. Al McAffrey to Make Campaign Announcement

Who: State Senator Al McAffrey, family and supporters

What: Press Conference for Campaign Announcement

Where: Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Gardens
301 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

When: Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 1 p.m.

Why: Oklahomans deserve to have their voices heard and unfortunately that has not been the case for several years. Al McAffrey will announce his political intentions and his plan to put aside partisan politics and represent all Oklahomans.


11 Feb

Donna Anderson Statement

Dear Education Supporters:

Oklahoma is an extraordinary state and I am so proud it is my home. Over the last fourteen months I have met so many fantastic people. Most of them desperate for educational change. I am extremely proud of the part I have played in bringing issues to light.

With all the support for my candidacy, it is incredibly difficult to withdraw from the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  My health will not allow me to continue the schedule needed to campaign for this office. I am winning the battles and will continue to fight the war.

To my supporters, your contributions started the conversations of change every time I spoke at an event. Your kind words kept me going when days were difficult. I can never begin to express how much your belief in me kept me working toward positive change.

My career in education is far from over, and it is time for me to focus on my school family at Bennington. There are buildings to be built, stock shows to attend and successes to celebrate.  It will not be me leading education, but wherever I am children will come first.

Thank you,

Donna Anderson

05 Feb

Bridenstine Allows Supporter to Call for Execution of the President

February 5, 2014
For Immediate Release
Contact: Trav Robertson
P: 405.427.3366


Bridenstine Tells Constituent “don’t hold back” at Town Hall

Tulsa – Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) recently held an event at which a supporter called the President a traitor who should be executed. Bridenstine’s supporter can be heard calling the President derogatory names and several references to the Muslim community as well.

“Just three days ago, someone was arrested for threatening to kill President George Bush. It is absolutely astonishing that a sitting United States Congressman would encourage and support that type of behavior. As an Oklahoman I am appalled that someone would threaten the Commander-in-Chief–Republican or Democrat. Congressman Bridenstine owes the President an apology, the country an apology and the people of Oklahoma an apology,” said ODP Chairman Wallace Collins.

Click here to watch the video clip.

Jim Bridenstine

Does Governor Mary Fallin and U.S. Senate Candidates T.W. Shannon and James Lankford believe that President Obama is a Muslim traitor who should be executed?

31 Jan

Mary Fallin Calls for Largest Property Tax Increase in State History

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mark Nestlen, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma


Dorman Calls Proposal “Wrong Direction for Oklahoma When a Better Path Exists”; Calls on Fallin to Reverse Course in State of the State on Monday


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK— Earlier this week, Mary Fallin proposed the largest property tax increase in the state’s history as an alternative to the already proposed school storm shelter plan, HRJ1078, introduced by Rep. Joe Dorman (D-Rush Springs) on January 15. Rep. Dorman, the Democratic candidate for Governor, called on Fallin to reverse her call for increased property taxes in her State of the State on Monday, and instead endorse his plan for school storm shelters.

“Raising property taxes on home owners, small businesses, and farmers and ranchers to pay for storm shelters is the wrong move for Oklahoma when a better path already exists,” Rep. Dorman said.

“I’m glad to see Mary Fallin at least recognizing the need for some action by the state to protect our kids from dangerous storms, but this is the wrong way to do it,” Rep. Dorman continued.  “Raising property taxes on first time home owners, the elderly on fixed incomes, farmers and ranchers and small business owners just because she doesn’t want multi-million dollar companies to pay an already existing tax is just bad policy.  We can protect our kids and pay for it in a way that doesn’t hurt middle-class Oklahoma families.”

The Fallin proposal, introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature as HJR1092, would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to raise the current ceiling on property tax milleges in Oklahoma, allowing for a significant increase in property taxes for all landowners, homeowners and business owners in the state.  Under her proposal, local millages would be raised to allow local school districts the option to vote on bonds to fund the construction of storm shelters using a dramatic increase in local property taxes as the funding mechanism for the bonds, providing for millions of dollars in tax increases.   Fallin’s tax increase proposal was put forward as an alternative to Rep. Dorman’s own proposal for the state of Oklahoma to issue bonds paid for with the already existing state franchise tax.

“My proposal stands in stark contrast to the one being pushed by Mary Fallin,” Rep. Dorman said. “The plan that I have proposed doesn’t create new taxes on Oklahomans, doesn’t raise any taxes on Oklahomans, and doesn’t cut one dime of program spending in Oklahoma.  In fact, the vast majority of the companies that owe the maximum rate under the existing franchise tax used in my plan would actually end up paying less than they would under Fallin’s plan to levy new increased property taxes.   My plan protects our kids and at the same time doesn’t levy new taxes on our citizens and businesses. “

Even though Rep. Dorman opposes Fallin’s plan to raise property taxes, he said he is at least encouraged that she has finally recognized the need to act to protect children from dangerous storms, but is disappointed that this is the best she could do eight months after the EF5 tornado in Moore caused the death of seven children at Plaza Towers Elementary School.

“Mary Fallin is finally recognizing the need to do something to help provide storm shelters for our schools.  That is a change from where she was earlier and that’s a good thing,” Rep. Dorman said.  “I am disappointed however that she wants to raise taxes to do it when my plan doesn’t raise taxes, doesn’t create new taxes, and doesn’t cut spending.  I’m especially discouraged that the tax she wants to raise is the property tax, the one tax you pay whether you are making money or not. Mary Fallin wants to repeal the franchise tax and not use it to help kids but is in favor of placing more burdens on senior citizens, young homeowners, businesses, and farmers and ranchers.  That’s not good policy and I can only hope she will see the light on taxes the same way she has apparently changed her opinion about helping schools build storm shelters.”

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11 Dec

Oklahoma Democrats Request Copy of Speaker Shannon’s Internal Study

December 11, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact: Trav Robertson



OKLAHOMA CITY– The Oklahoma Democratic Party is processing a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of the internal study that was used to evaluate Oklahoma House of Representatives staff employee salaries and retention rates. This study was cited as the reason it was okay for Speaker Shannon to handout $280,000 in raises to only a few employees–some salaries increased by as much as 30 percent.

Speaker T.W. Shannon’s spokesman, Joe Griffin, has stated, “We had an internal study, and we found that we had a problem retaining employees.”

These salary increases are controversial because legislative leaders previously delayed action on pay increases this year while they waited on a $200,000 independent study on employee compensation. It looks like Speaker Shannon is playing favorites at the capitol while most state employees continue to wait for an across-the-board pay raise which has not happened since 2006.

“The message Speaker Shannon is sending to teachers, social workers, correctional officers, and highway patrol is that they don’t matter as much as his personal staff of attorneys,” commented Chairman Wallace Collins. “Dollars do not stretch as far as they used to and our leadership needs to compensate for things like inflation.”


FOIA request House Staff Compensation Study