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Lawmakers Review Remedial Placement in Oklahoma Colleges

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September 27, 2012


Rep. Danny Morgan                                                      Rep. Donnie Condit

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Rep. Steve Kouplen                                                        Rep. Curtis McDaniel

State Capitol Building Rm. 546                                        State Capitol Building Rm. 316

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105                                 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73105


Contact: Valorie Owens



Lawmakers Review Remedial Placement in Oklahoma Colleges

OKLAHOMA CITY (September 27, 2012) On Tuesday four state lawmakers hosted an interim study to review criteria for placement in college remediation courses.


Representatives Danny Morgan (D-Prague), Steve Kouplen (D-Beggs), Donnie Condit (D-McAlester) and Curtis McDaniel, (D-Smithville) requested the interim hearing after reviewing two new studies that found that many colleges unnecessarily place students in remedial courses, which is costly and can often derail their college careers.


Almost half of all first-time Oklahoma freshmen are being required to take zero-credit remedial courses before being accepted in a college level course. During the 2010-2011 academic year a total of 54,155 students were enrolled in remedial courses, with the vast majority of these students (79.3%) being remediated at community colleges.


“I know of students who had an outstanding grade point average, but because they did not score well on a college assessment test, they were required to take a remedial course where they paid the same amount in tuition and fees but earned no college credit,” said Rep. Morgan. “I think that the placement tests cast too wide a net, and many students who are labeled as underprepared for a course would do well in a college credit course that provided tutoring support.”


Presenters at the interim hearing included: Tony Hutchinson, Vice-Chancellor of Strategic Planning, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; Dr. Jay Corwin, Senior Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management, University of Central Oklahoma; Dr. Paul Bell, Jr., Dean and Vice Provost for Instruction; University of Oklahoma; Dr. Bradley Walck, Vice President for Student Affairs, Seminole State College; and Tamara Carter, Director of Mathematics, Oklahoma City Community College.


According to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), there is no statewide mandate as to criteria for placement in a remedial course, but most colleges look at a student’s ACT score on the subjects of English, math, science and reading, and if it is 18 or below they require the student to take an assessment test issued by the university. The score on the assessment test then determines if a student will be placed in a remedial or a college-level course.


According to Dr. Corwin of UCO, 45% of first-time freshmen require some form of remediation, with math being the most cited deficiency. He states that UCO has recently taken many steps towards remediation reform, to include decreasing the number of remedial courses one must master before enrolling in college algebra. Previously UCO required those assessed as underprepared for college algebra to pass three courses: pre-algebra, elementary algebra and intermediate algebra. Now UCO requires only two courses, Fundamentals of Algebra I and II, before entering college algebra.


Rep. Condit questioned the validity of the placement tests used to screen for college readiness, as research from the Community College Research Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College estimated that one in four students assigned to math remediation could have passed a college-level math course with a grade of B or better and one in three students assigned to English remediation could have passed freshmen composition with a B or better.


“All of us want our students to succeed in college, and I know the goal of these remedial courses is to improve the likelihood of that occurring, but my concern is that many students are incorrectly being branded as unprepared,” said Rep. Condit. “In these instances the students not only incur more debt in tuition and fees for a course in which they’ll receive no college credit, but they also lose valuable time as it delays their graduation date. In some cases, it may deter them from even attempting to attend college.”


Research by Complete College America, a Washington-based national nonprofit organization, shows that just 1 in 10 remedial students graduate from community colleges within three years and a little more than a third complete bachelor’s degrees in six years.


“I think it should be up to the student to determine if they want to try their hand in a college-level course, or accept the recommendation of the college to first attend a remedial course,” said Rep. Morgan. “I think of it as being similar to a walk-on football player, who is given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, and who accepts the risks and consequences involved. I think it is inherently unfair that a student who is paying good money for a course, and is willing to invest their time and energy towards succeeding in that course, is being denied that option.”




26 Sep

Mullin’s Ads Praise President Obama

For Immediate Release
September 26, 2012
Contact: Trav Robertson

Markwayne Mullin’s First Ad Praises President Obama’s Stimulus

Oklahoma City – Republican candidate Markwayne Mullin’s (OK-02) first TV ad paints a rosy picture about the effects of President Obama’s stimulus. In his ad, Mullin discusses his company and the jobs he has created. Mullin’s own company received $370,000 from President Obama’s stimulus bill. While Mullin frequently attacks the stimulus bill, his own business, Mullin Plumbing, knowingly accepted and profited from stimulus funding.

“Since Markwayne Mullin’s company benefited and profited from President Obama’s stimulus plan, Mullin’s ad is essentially an ad for Obama and his stimulus,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Wallace Collins. “Mullin is happy to take government money when he benefits, and take credit for the help Obama has given his company in his ads, but then criticize the President for the same program he profited from. Voters in Oklahoma will never trust someone whose actions don’t match his deeds.”



25 Sep

Rob Wallace Challenges Mullin to Debate

For Immediate Release:

September 25, 2012

Contact: Kyle Gott
Phone: 918-913-9209

Rob Wallace Challenges Mullin to Debate

Mullin Has Turned Down Many Opportunities for Debate


Muskogee, OK – Today Rob Wallace, a candidate for Congress, challenged Markwayne Mullin to debate the issues important to the voters of the 2nd District.  Mullin skipped the Sallisaw Forum last evening, and he has refused to participate in both the McAlester News-Capital and the AARP debates.  The AARP debate would have been an opportunity for Mullin and Wallace to answer questions live side-by-side.  The NBC affiliate in Tulsa was willing to air the debate live during prime time if both candidates agreed to participate, but Mullin will not accept the invitation.

Rob Wallace has accepted invitations to all the previously mentioned debates and looks forward to debating the issues in front of the voters.  Mullin has only accepted one invitation and limited the debate from 1 hour to 30 minutes.

Rob Wallace commented on his opponent’s refusal, “It is unfortunate we cannot debate the issues at length, directly in front of the voters.  I hope Markwayne changes his mind so I will issue him a challenge – debate me in a series of one hour debates.  We should have one in Muskogee, Poteau, Idabel, and Durant in addition to the ones already offered in McAlester and Claremore.”

Wallace continued, “Please do not disappoint the voters of the 2nd District by not accepting my challenge. Open debate on the issues is what makes democracy work. Voters deserve to hear where we both stand.”

Rob Wallace for Congress Campaign Manager, Kyle Gott said, “A debate is needed to show where the clear differences lie between Markwayne Mullin and Rob Wallace.  If Mullin wants to be a Congressman, then he should show he is prepared to serve as a Congressman.  He needs to show the voters he can handle the tough challenges our country faces.  An intelligent discussion on the issues is the best way to do it.  We look forward to hearing their response.”


24 Sep

A must-win race…

We want to highlight our candidates before November 6th. Our first spotlight will be on our lone Democratic congressional seat in the 2nd District, which is a must-win race for us in November. Real Clear Politics announced that this race is one of only 23 races in the country labeled as a toss-up.

I would like to introduce you to our nominee for Congress in the 2nd District, Rob Wallace. He is a former State and Federal Prosecutor that is running to give the middle class a strong voice in Congress.

As a family man Rob lived in Poteau for 16 years and served as the District Attorney for LeFlore and Latimer counties before moving to the US Attorney’s office in Muskogee. He has been a fixture in the Party for almost 30 years now, and I know he will make a great Congressman.

Please help keep the 2nd District in the hands of a Democrat by making a $10 contribution to Rob’s campaign today.

Rob’s opponent is so rich the he is self funding his campaign with profits from the President’s Federal Stimulus, unlike Rob who has dedicated his career to serving people. Hypocritically, Markwayne Mullin called the Federal stimulus a “waste of taxpayer’s money” and yet records revealed that his company profited at least $370,000. If he cannot tell the truth about where his money comes from, how can we trust him to represent the middle class?

Rob has been running a strong campaign and in the primary election he received more votes than all six Republicans combined. However, campaigns are expensive and it costs a lot of money to pay for staff and to run ads on television. Rob needs your help.

Make a $10 donation today to Rob’s campaign and make a strong statement that the 2nd District will remain in Democratic hands.

Together we will hold this seat.


Wallace Signature

Wallace Collins, Chair

24 Sep

Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, Highlights the Lackadaisical Attitude of Congress During This Session


September 24, 2012

Contact: Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in Oklahoma’s Fifth District

Phone: 405-921-3811




Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, Highlights the Lackadaisical Attitude of Congress During This Session.


Edmond, Oklahoma– Tom Guild, Democratic Nominee for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District of Oklahoma, calls attention to the lackadaisical attitude of Congress during this session.

“Fiscal cliff?  Don’t worry!  Be happy!  The incumbent congressman and his U.S. House buddies took five weeks off in August and early September, worked only a few days in September and now plan to go on another 5-6 week vacation to campaign full-time at taxpayer expense!  I guess they must have solved all of the problems and done all of their work, except not passing any of the 12 appropriations bills by the October 1 deadline, not dealing with the sequester or automatic cuts in defense and social spending, and not dealing with extending tax cuts for the middle class. It’s a nice gig for $174,000 if you can line it up,” states Guild.

“The work ethic of this Congress has led to this Congress receiving the three worst favorable poll ratings in the history of the country.  The polls showed this Congress with an 11% approval rating in December 2011 and a 10% approval rating in both February and August of 2012.  Their lackluster work ethic, ineffectiveness, inability to solve the nation’s problems, and mindless partisanship has left the current Congress as perhaps the least popular institution in the United States,” added Guild.

“The incumbent in this district, James Lankford, has called for the privatization of Social Security, voted to end traditional Medicare and replace it with a voucher, and has such a radical position on women’s health issues that he opposes exceptions for rape and incest in his call for a constitutional amendment banning abortion and in his co-sponsorship of the Life Begins at Conception Act in Congress,” continued Guild.

“In conclusion, I join Senator Al McAffrey in urging fifth district voters to Fire Congress!  Fire Lankford!  Vote Like Your Life and Health Depend On It–Because They Do!”

Guild is currently running for the congressional seat in the Fifth District of Oklahoma. For more information about Tom and his campaign, visit