15 Oct

Steve Russell Dodges Debate…Again


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Latest campaign stop, Indiana…

“He doesn’t live in the district, and he doesn’t campaign in the district…”


Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, dodged another debate. Earlier this week Mr. Russell’s campaign CONFIRMED his attendance at a debate in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at the Living Love Christian Center. Yet, when it came time to start the forum. Steve Russell was missing…, this coming on the heels of missing a Chamber sponsored debate in Del City.

Instead of showing up like he said he would, in a post to his Facebook page Russell says “Will be speaking and signing books in Fort Wayne, Indiana.”


“If someone making $38,000 didn’t show up for an interview…they wouldn’t get the job. Russell missed 770 votes while serving one term as a State Senator–and the taxpayers paid for it. This guy is out of touch with folks who struggle to make a living,” stated, Wallace Collins, Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Chair. “My goodness, he simply cares more about money and special interests than the people of Oklahoma.”

Steve Russell must answer to Oklahomans for his absent and aloof leadership. He has continued to put his own self-interests before the people of Oklahoma. It’s clear that if elected, Russell, as he did in the state legislature, will simply not show up for work in Washington.


09 Oct

Republican Chair joins Democrats in calling out Fallin

October 9, 2014



Nation’s most “secretive” Governor called out by her own Party boss…

OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, embattled Republican Party Chair Dave Weston mounted a feeble political attack on Superintendent, Dr. John Cox. In an attempt to divert attention from the Republican Hofmeister’s connection to an investigation of her criminal misconduct, Mr. Weston inaccurately alleges that Dr. Cox did not comply with Open Records laws. According to reports, the County Clerk confirmed that Mr. Weston’s comments were not based in fact.

State Democratic Party Chair Wallace Collins, stated, “It is encouraging to see Mr. Weston speaking out so strongly in favor of transparency. We can only conclude that Weston stands with us in asking Mary Fallin to fulfill our open records requests. She has stalled for seven (7) months…and still refuses to comply with these open records requests.”

The Oklahoma Democratic Party filed a request on April 3rd for staff records from the Governor’s office related to her use of taxpayer-funded state personnel on her re-election campaign. An additional request was made on August 19th for information regarding recent Public Service Announcements featuring the Governor–a clear violation of state and federal laws.

Fallin, named by Investigative Reporters and Editors as 2014’s “most secretive publicly-funded person” has ignored these requests. “Once again, we find the Republican Party arguing for two different sets of rules–one for party elites and another for the rest of us,” concluded Chairman Collins.

“John Cox is a teacher, not a politician. I don’t understand how Dave Weston could attack someone who has dedicated his life to our kids. His own candidates are so ethically challenged that he is trying to destroy the character of a good teacher,” concluded Donna Russell, retired educator. Dr. Cox is running an extremely strong race against Republican nominee and former Barresi board member Joy Hofmeister.



06 Oct

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Responds to SCOTUS Decision on Marriage Equality


Trav Robertson, Executive Director

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October 6, 2014

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Responds to SCOTUS Decision on Marriage Equality

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Chairman Wallace Collins today released the following statement in response to United States Supreme Court’s decision to reject the appeal of a lower court ruling striking down Oklahoma’s unconstitutional provision defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman and Governor Mary Fallin’s hateful response.

“Mary Fallin has the audacity to talk about the will of the people…she championed and signed a law that denied Oklahomans the power to set and raise the minimum wage in Oklahoma City and Tulsa even when eighty percent of Oklahomans supported raising the minimum wage. Mary Fallin was cheering when the Supreme Court was attacking the Affordable Healthcare Act…now she calls them activist judges. Mary Fallin claims to support freedom and love liberty…except for those who don’t subscribe to her radical ideology.

“Despite the efforts of Governor Mary Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Oklahomans now have the basic right to wed whom they want..the people they love. Let’s hope they will not waste anymore tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits.

“Mary Fallin is on the wrong side of history. She likes to say that ten years ago Oklahomans spoke very clearly on the issue of marriage equality, but since then America and Oklahoma have changed dramatically. Legal recognition should not change at a state border.  This is not a states’ rights issue, it is a United States citizenship issue, a human rights issue, allowing for two people in love to marry the person of their choice, not having government tell them whom to love or whom they can marry.

“The people of Oklahoma will be forever changed by this moment in history. I am happy to stand on the side of progress and with every Oklahoman who loves freedom and liberty.”


02 Oct

Steve Russell Dodges Chamber Debate

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Russell will instead campaign for radical candidates Ryan Zink in Montana and Lee Zeldin in New York.

“After missing 770 votes as a State Senator, you would think the Chamber could get him to debate….”

Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district, has decided to dodge the only scheduled debate between himself and Senator Al McAffrey. This week it was announced that Mr. Russell, a resident of the 4th congressional district, would be sending his press secretary, Andrew Speno, to debate for him while he campaigns for Tea Party candidate Lee Zeldin in New York.Russell (1)

“I just don’t understand. Steve Russell does not live in the fifth district and he is campaigning in Montana and New York. Is this the type of leader he will be–ABSENT?” asked Trav Robertson, Oklahoma Democratic Party (ODP) Executive Director.

In video coverage of the event in New York for Mr. Zeldin, Russell is introduced as “a new member of Congress this year.”

“My goodness, is Steve Russell exaggerating his record and service again? Does he think that he is already a congressman? ” Robertson continued, “Because that would indicate that he has a problem telling the truth. Has he forgotten he is still a candidate? How arrogant.”

Wallace Collins, former colleague and Chairman of the ODP stated, “The residents of CD 5 should be alarmed and outraged. He missed 770 votes while he was in the legislature and now he refuses to be present again. I simply don’t understand how the Chamber of Commerce can support a candidate that will not show up, economic development and jobs don’t appear on their own.”

Russell (2)


30 Sep

Dorman Campaign Releases Polling Memo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma | 405-971-4563


  Dorman Campaign Releases Polling Memo – Schedules media conference call with polling expert, Tom Bonier

OKLAHOMA CITY  On Monday the Democratic nominee for governor, Joe Dorman, released a statement referencing a recent poll conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs touting a marginal 2 percent lead by incumbent Mary Fallin. Today the campaign released the memo (attached) and has scheduled a media conference call with pollster Tom Bonier, Co-Founder and Partner of Clarity Campaign Labs. Please RSVP with Press Secretary Alex Kaplan at

WHO:             Conference Call with pollster Tom Bonier, Clarity Campaign Labs

WHEN:           Wednesday, October 1, 2014 – 10:00 a.m.

RSVP:            Alex Kaplan, Press Secretary –

Click here to see the Polling Memo:
Oklahoma Governor Survey MEMO 09.2014-1


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