21 Aug

Fallin applies for Obamacare funds after months of stalling

August 21, 2014
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Fallin’s administration applies for Obamacare funds after months of stalling

Oklahoma City— Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Wallace Collins, said Fallin’s statement on applying for an innovation grant through the Affordable Care Act is another issue on which she has flip-flopped. Why is Governor Fallin constantly changing her mind?

“Mary Fallin’s failed leadership has cost hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans health care by not accepting the $54 million to set up an Oklahoma Insurance Exchange in 2011,” said Chairman Collins. “While Fallin’s poll numbers have dropped 21 points and Joe Dorman outraised her by $28,000 this past period, this innovation grant application is merely a political stunt that her advisers have forced her to make.”

The American Cancer Society’s advocacy group argues in a recent report that: “providing low-income adults and families access to affordable, comprehensive health care coverage is critical in the fight against cancer. Governors and lawmakers have the opportunity to provide millions of Americans health care coverage to help detect cancers early, when treatment is more effective and less costly, and to save lives by preventing some cancers from occurring in the first place.”

Chairman Wallace Collins concluded, “It is time for Mary Fallin to move on and let Joe Dorman take over the Governor’s office. Joe has a proven track-record of leading bipartisan initiatives with great success, and we believe he is the leader that will work to ensure health care is a priority for all Oklahomans.”


20 Aug

Fallin Invites Chris Christie to Oklahoma…

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is attending several fundraisers with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today. As Christie fundraises in the midwest, we want to point out the failed policy initiatives that Republican Governors are promoting.

See below a recent press release from the Kansas Democratic Party:

For Immediate Release
August 20, 2014

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Brownback, Christie Share Record Of Credit Downgrades, Open Investigations

TOPEKA – Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon issued the following statement addressing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign fundraising visit to help Gov. Sam Brownback and his faltering campaign:

Sam Brownback and Chris Christie have a great deal in common: both have caused credit rating downgrades, both are dealing with criminal investigations of their staff and associates, and both have put their own political agendas before what’s best for the people of Kansas and New Jersey.

Now outside special interests like Gov. Christie’s Republican Governors Association are doing all they can to defend Sam Brownback’s failed leadership. But in the end there’s no defending Brownback’s failed experiment, especially by Gov. Christie who has the exact same record.

The fact is Kansas is going broke under Gov. Sam Brownback and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the last person he should turn to for financial advice.

Under the leadership of Gov. Brownback, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Kansas’s credit rating because of Brownback’s “structurally unbalanced budget.” And as more Kansans call out Brownback  for his failed experiment, what is Brownback’s solution? Bring in the only Governor whose budget record is as bad as Sam Brownback’s.

The economic future of Kansas under Gov. Brownback is dark, but it’s no brighter in New Jersey under Gov. Christie. New Jersey’s credit rating was downgraded six times under Christie, tying a record for the most number of downgrades under a single governor while the credit agencies are threatening to lower them again. Thanks to Gov. Christie, New Jersey now has one of the lowest credit ratings in the country.

As the two Governors campaign together today, don’t expect to hear solutions for the budget problems facing Kansas and New Jersey. Instead just expect the same tired excuses for their failed leadership because there is no defending their record of economic mismanagement.

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19 Aug

Governor using tax dollars to campaign?

August 19, 2014
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Oklahoma City— The Oklahoma Democratic Party filed an Open Records Request for information relating to Public Service Announcements featuring Governor Mary Fallin. The issue revolves around the Governor’s alleged illegal use of state resources and staff to disseminate political information advocating her re-election.

Governor Mary Fallin’s use of tax dollars for her campaign continued on August 6, 2014, and August 10, 2014, when two different Public Service Announcements appeared on two different television stations in the Oklahoma County media market, both of which featured gubernatorial candidate, Mary Fallin. One PSA discussed tornados and the other discussed foster children.

Democratic Chairman Wallace Collins stated, “I think it is clear that Mary Fallin has been using tax dollars to bolster her campaign. The citizens of our state want transparent government-she needs to let us see if her staffed forced state agencies to create these PSAs.”

Recently, the Investigative Reporters and Editors publication named Mary Fallin one of the most secretive governors in the country as she received their dubious “Golden Padlock Award” for secrecy in government.

“The Governor doesn’t just appear in a Public Service Announcement. Someone on her staff knew and knows how these ads were paid for and created. It is time that Mary Fallin come clean and tell how these ads were created, produced and if tax dollars were used to pay for them. At the very least, these PSAs are in-kind contributions from corporations which is another violation of ethics laws,” Chairman Collins said.



19 Aug

Dorman Outraises Fallin in Most Recent Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma | 405-971-4563


Oklahomans Excited About and Investing In Leader Who Will Move Oklahoma In The Right Direction

OKLAHOMA CITY – Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, outraised Mary Fallin in the most recent campaign finance reporting period. Dorman said this report is further evidence of the shift in momentum in the race.

“​I am pleased at the support from ​thousands of ​Oklahomans ​from across the state. Since I started this campaign in December I’ve received contributions from almost 2,200 different individuals.​ These numbers are more evidence of the dissatisfaction with Mary Fallin’s administration that I’ve been hearing from hard-working Oklahomans every day,” said Dorman. “We’ve seen it in her drop in the polls – 21 points since September of last year, and we see it now in fundraising. In contrast, the momentum and excitement about my campaign keeps growing as more and more Oklahomans learn about my plans and policies to be a Governor for all Oklahomans.”

Dorman raised $267,310.40 in the most recent quarter,​ ​in comparison to Fallin’s $239,677.02 – almost a $28,000 difference.

“Oklahomans realize how, in all aspects, Fallin​ has failed the state.​ I h​ave plans to combat the challenges facing Oklahomans,” said Dorman. “She’s flip flopping on issue after issue, while I continue to roll out meaningful policies to benefit all Oklahomans. I am excited about the momentum and support we continue to see from people across the state and I look forward to serving as a strong leader for Oklahoma.”

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19 Aug

Governor Fallin Under Investigation?

August 19, 2014
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Did Fallin Direct State Employees to Violate State Ethics Laws and the Communications Act of 1934?

Using government funds to campaign with PSAs about the tornado would be not just unethical, but illegal. (Title 21 OS 257 Section 10-1-3)

Oklahoma City—The Oklahoma Democratic Party asked the United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma County District Attorney to investigate alleged violations of the Communications Act of 1934 and Oklahoma State Ethics Laws.

The controversy began on August 6, 2014, and August 10, 2014, when two different Public Service Announcements appeared on two different television stations in the Oklahoma County media market, both of which featured gubernatorial candidate, Mary Fallin. One PSA discussed tornados and the other discussed foster children.

Chairman Wallace Collins stated, “ It is unfortunate, but we don’t have a choice but to ask the US Attorney and DA Prater to look at these violations. We are asking the U.S. and District Attorneys’ offices to determine if the Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, or her staff was involved with the creation and dissemination of these PSA’s in order to willfully subvert the Federal Communication Act and Oklahoma Ethics Laws.”

Also uncovered was an email from a state agency asking about the placement of a PSA on April 29, 2014, less than fifty six (56) days from gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin’s primary election.

“The Ethics Laws of our state are clear. An elected official is not supposed to use tax dollars and state resources to help their campaign. Did Mary Fallin or her staff use state resources to create, develop, record and distribute PSAs—if she did—it is illegal,” declared Chairman Collins.

Title 21 OS 257 Section 10-1-3  {Use of public funds, property, time, and personnel to influence elections} explains exactly how Governor Mary Fallin’s actions have violated Oklahoma State Ethics Laws.