07 Oct

Oklahoma’s Lack of Second Quarter Personal Income Growth is Another Example of Failed Republican Policies

[Oklahoma City, OK, October 7, 2015] Governor Mary Fallin’s economic policies have led the Oklahoma economy into the tank. Tax cuts and tax credits for the wealthy and top-heavy corporations have depleted Oklahoma’s revenue to the point where the state is facing a potential billion-dollar budget shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year. To add to the state’s woes, Oklahoma citizens are now seeing no growth in their personal income.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released a report that ranked the state of Oklahoma at number 50 in personal income growth throughout the second quarter. Oklahoma was the only state to have zero percent growth in personal income; however the national personal income increased 0.9 percent during the same quarter.

Surrounding states that border Oklahoma all showed growth in personal income. Colorado had a personal income increase of 1.0 percent, Arkansas and Missouri saw a 0.8 percent and New Mexico saw a 0.7 percent increase. Texas – the biggest oil producing state – grew at 0.6 percent while Kansas grew at 0.3 percent in personal income.

Unemployment has continued to rise in Oklahoma from 3.9 percent in January 2015 to 4.6 percent in August 2015. Throughout the same time period, the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped from 5.7 percent in January 2015 to 5.1 percent in August 2015.

Governor Fallin has recently tried to incorrectly link Oklahoma’s shortcomings to policies coming out of the White House but while the rest of the country is growing – with national increases in personal income growth, 64 straight months of private sector job growth, and a drop in unemployment despite a hard hit to the energy industry – Oklahoma continues to fall behind and we only have our own state’s administration to blame for that. It is time for Oklahomans to support policies and lawmakers that will help grow the Oklahoma economy and put money back into the pockets of hardworking Oklahomans.

30 Sep

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on Delay of Glossip Execution

[Oklahoma City, OK, September 30, 2015] For the second time in just two weeks, Richard Glossip has come within moments of death before last-minute decisions come down and delay his execution again; the execution has been delayed at least four times including today’s last minute stay citing questions about “Oklahoma’s execution protocol.”

Oklahoma has continued to set the standard for national embarrassment when it comes to criminal justice and particularly in the last year pertaining to execution protocols. The incompetence of Governor Fallin, Attorney General Scott Pruitt, and the Republican-led state legislature is no more evident than today as we see the fruits of their failed policies and so-called “leadership.”

30 Sep

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on Indictment and Resignation of Stanley Glanz

[Oklahoma City, OK, September 30, 2015] The Oklahoma Democratic Party released the following statement today in regards to the indictment and resignation of Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz:

We are reminded today of the importance of the justice system and the integral role it plays in holding our elected leaders accountable. We want to thank the members of the grand jury who endured a long and arduous few months as they reviewed mountains of evidence and considered the testimony of 32 different witnesses. We would also like to thank the grassroots organization “We The People,” whose petition efforts led to the grand jury investigation.

An institution of corruption, even to an extent not yet known to the public, has lost a few bricks in its wall today. It is now up to us – particularly the people of Tulsa County – to take action in electing a leader who will work to rebuild faith and trust in the department and will commit to serve and protect all citizens under their watch.

We wish Undersheriff Rick Weigel the best as he transitions into leading the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department in the interim, and hope that he will be steadfast and transparent in his efforts repairing the department and its tarnished reputation.

While we take no delight in Sheriff Glanz’s indictment and resignation, the Oklahoma Democratic Party looks forward to working with Tulsa County Democratic leadership in seeking out a qualified, honest candidate to replace him as the new Tulsa County Sheriff.

30 Sep

Job Search Assistance Links

Losing your job is often something we are not prepared for. It is important that when it happens, you know where to go for information, job listings, and support. 

Here is a list of job assistance websites available for those who have lost their employment:

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29 Sep

Oklahoma Democratic Party Weighs In on Fiorina’s Visit with OIPA

[Oklahoma City, OK, September 29, 2015] – Today, GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina will speak to oil industry stakeholders at an invitation-only meeting at the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association in Oklahoma City.

Carly Fiorina will, no doubt, continue to reflect on her time as CEO of Hewlett Packard as an example of what makes her the perfect candidate for President. What we have come to learn is that despite her claims, she did not “rescue” a failing company and instead used underhanded employment practices, allowed subsidiary sales with an enemy of the United States to boost their bottom line, and ushered in a merger which resulted in 30,000 layoffs and then shipped tens of thousands of those jobs to China. The hardworking people of HP didn’t see anything close to even one-tenth of what Fiorina ultimately received in her $21 million severance package 3 years later when she was finally ousted for her failed leadership.

Fiorina’s failed leadership at HP should not be allowed to spill over into leadership of the American people, our livelihoods, trade relationships, and the U.S. economy. Oklahomans don’t want or need a President that is willing to ship jobs overseas and not even consider taking responsibility for her own actions.

It seems quite ironic that Fiorina’s visit to Oklahoma comes on the same day as we are seeing up to 1,000 layoffs happen right here in Oklahoma City. We will be interested to hear what Fiorina suggests that OIPA members do to prevent further layoffs like those happening within the energy industry today.