20 Dec

RELEASE: Oklahoma Democratic Party Announces New Native American Liaison

[OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, December 20, 2016] – This week the Oklahoma Democratic Party announced that LaRenda Morgan is the new Native American Liaison. As the Native American Liaison Morgan will communicate and coordinate outreach efforts with Oklahoma Tribes and the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Morgan, a resident of Oklahoma City and an enrolled member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is an Alumni member of Gamma Delta Pi Sorority at the University of Oklahoma and served as Cultural Affairs Chair for the American Indian Student Association while attending OU.

Morgan ran for House District 93 in 2016 and previously worked with Indian Health Services Oklahoma City Area Office, and the State of Oklahoma. She served as Executive Director for the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma and is a strong advocate for Social Welfare issues primarily on Indian Child Welfare/Foster Care. She also served as a consultant for families, individuals, and legal agencies regarding the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Morgan said, “I am very humbled and honored to serve the Oklahoma Democratic Party as the Native American Liaison. I am also very happy to be representing all Tribes in Oklahoma as well. I look forward to building stronger relationships between the Native American community and the Oklahoma Democratic Party. I hope to encourage tribal members to become more active in the Party as well as their tribal government, as both are equally important for our future and the future of our children. Every voice and every vote counts! Thank you, Ha’hou!”

The mission of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is to represent working people in Oklahoma and the best way to accomplish that is to elect Democrats to all areas of government. Oklahoma Democrats are progressive and sensible. We are optimistic about the future, and we are determined to see Oklahoma’s traditional values upheld. More information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party can be found at or by calling (405) 427-3366.


19 Dec

New Leadership, New Beginnings

The new Democratic National Party’s chair will bear a great responsibility in rebuilding a broken Party that suffered massive defeats statewide and nationally. The aftermath of the presidential loss gave way to creating various factions vying for power. It will require a dedicated strategist to bridge the widening gap between various in party factions and formulate a united message that resonates among all in moving forward.

Currently, five candidates have declared a run for the race: Sally Boynton Brown (Executive Director – Idaho Democratic Party and President of the Association of Democratic Executive Directors), Keith Ellison (5th District Congressman, Minnesota), Jamie Harrison (Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party), Ray Buckley (Chair, New Hampshire Democratic Party) and Tom Perez (Secretary of Labor). The position is vital to engendering a progressive agenda nationwide and requires experience and grit in solving complex issues to fruition.

The voter dissatisfaction with the party is at an all-time high among various groups including the millennials and the growing age gap between current party leadership. The growing number of millennials feel at odd with the current party leadership and their outdated ideas and policies. Couple this with low voter turnout among minorities, rural residents, and the middle class, who ‘shifted their allegiance’ from Obama in 2012 to trump in 20162, the party has its work cut out. The base majority of these middle-class communities are spread over the Northeast and the Midwest, where job security is tied to economic prosperity and politics. Additionally, democrats also suffered huge defeats among manufacturing and lower income communities. This is a growing feeling of disconnect from the party.

The resonating theme voiced among these various groups highlighted the lack of a unified message and the inability of party leadership to effectively communicate their message across communities. A new era of leaders needs to be ushered in following the aftermath of a Clinton defeat and an aging lineup of current democratic leadership. The new leadership will be a representative of the changing demographics of the United States and will need to work towards engendering an entirely new generation of political activists that are energized to bring change.

The potential for this type of a movement within the party is possible with the large young voting block, the need for economic stability among groups, and an emergence of a new brand of leaders, who have the foresight and dedication in leading the next generation of democrats.

Aisha Shah
Deputy Outreach Director
Oklahoma Democratic Party

17 Dec

Special Election for HD 28 set for 2017

Special primary and general elections have been set for the vacant House District 28 seat left open by Republican Representative Tom Newell. Newell announced on December 2, that he would be resigning from his seat as of December 31, 2016.

Filing period is January 9-11, 2017

Primary March 7, 2017
General May 9, 2017*

*If a primary election is not necessary, the general election will take place March 7, 2017.

If you would like to vote in this special election, be sure to that your voter registration is updated. House District 28 includes Seminole and northern Pottawatomie Counties. Voter Registration Form

You can also Vote By Mail by signing up for an Absentee Ballot.



16 Dec

RELEASE: Statement on Oklahoma’s $600 million Budget Shortfall

[Oklahoma City, OK, December 16, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on Oklahoma’s projected $600 million 2017 budget shortfall:

Next week the State Board of Equalization will meet to certify available revenues, likely returning a projected budget shortfall between $500 and $600 million. Fallin stated earlier this week that “It’s going to be a challenging year.” Such rhetoric is an understatement considering that teachers and legislators are hoping to tackle increasing teacher’s pay with such a surmountable crisis.

Despite Fallin’s optimistic outlook that the increase in oil and natural gas prices will help boost revenue, it’s difficult to believe that a volatile energy industry can and should be the state’s primary resource for climbing out of this hole. Instead, State leaders need to concentrate on diversifying state revenue and focus on reigning in corporate welfare. If Fallin hopes to rely on the energy sector to boost revenue, then it is time to renegotiate oil and gas tax deals so that we not only fill the budget hole but we also create a budget surplus that allows our state to improve education, healthcare, and another state services.

Oklahoma Democratic Party


08 Dec

RELEASE Statement on Scott Pruitt’s Appointment as Head of the EPA

[Oklahoma City, OK, December 7, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on Scott Pruitt’s Appointment as Head of the EPA:

It is no surprise that Scott Pruitt, an energy production and fossil fuels ally and known for cozying up to big oil and energy lobbyists, is Trump’s choice in his anti-climate-change movement and head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Pruitt is more interested in big oil and gas, partisan agendas, and filing frivolous lawsuits than protecting our country’s clean air and water or the effects of global warming. Pruitt’s appointment is another example of how Trump is not draining the swamp as he claimed he would. Instead, Trump is building a team to dismantle efforts to protect our environment and our children’s future while opening the gate to special oil and gas interest groups.

Oklahoma Democratic Party