17 Nov

Oklahoma Democratic Party Welcomes Vice President Joe Biden to Oklahoma

Oklahoma Democrats from across the state will come together today to welcome Vice President Joe Biden to Tulsa for an afternoon reception. Although the Vice President could be many other places, he is taking the time to make a stop in Oklahoma in the midst of a hectic campaign season.

The Vice President is a visionary and one of the greatest progressive leaders of our time, never failing to demonstrate what true statesmanship looks like even in rough times. The work of the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden on behalf of all Americans is an example of what can be done when you have passion for what you do – even in politics.
The Oklahoma Democratic Party looks forward to the Vice President’s continued guidance for many years to come and hopes for the opportunity to bring him back to Oklahoma in the near future.



16 Nov

Oklahoma Democratic Party Responds to Governor Fallin’s Comments Regarding Syrian Refugees

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 16, 2015] Responding to today’s news that Governor Fallin has called on President Obama to suspend accepting any additional Syrian refugees into the United States, the Oklahoma Democratic Party issued the following statement:

Terrorism is about fear – fear in our communities, of our neighbors, and of things we know little or nothing about. It is about fear that changes the very essence of who we are as individuals and as a nation. We cannot let fear overpower our compassion and love for these men, women, and children fleeing violence and leaving all that they know to come to a land unknown just for a sense of safety.
Oklahoma knows first-hand the effects of terrorism and we know that it doesn’t have to come across borders or oceans. The United States sees our own form of home-grown terrorism every time someone picks up a gun and uses it against innocents or burns down a church because their faith is different. There comes a point, however, when people are no longer able to live in fear of those around them and they run and the United States of America has always been that beacon of light and hope to the world.
The United States has one of the most rigorous refugee admittance processes in the world. There are extensive security clearances, interviews, medical screenings, “cultural orientation” classes, and more before a refugee even steps foot onto American soil. For Governor Fallin to insinuate that the Obama Administration would not go to the fullest extent to ensure the rigorous process is followed is nothing more than a partisan stunt and an intentional misleading action to further instill fear in Oklahomans.
Oklahoma Democrats trust the men and women of our Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, state department, and military who put their lives on the line every day to keep our families safe.
This is a time to join the millions around the world in prayer and extend a compassionate hand in honor of the memory of all those lost in terrorist attacks, not just in Paris, Beirut, and Kenya but all over the world. This is a time to rise above our fears and show love to our brothers and sisters facing horrific violence every day.

16 Nov

Oklahoma Democratic Party Statement on Oklahoma Statehood Day

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 16, 2015] The following is a statement provided by the Oklahoma Democratic Party in honor of the 108th anniversary of Oklahoma Statehood:

On this day in 1907 leaders rejoiced in the victory to stand with 45 other states as a stronger and more perfect Union. Indian and Oklahoma Territories fought for more than two years to make it possible for the people of Oklahoma to come together to form a state constitution and state government all our own.
Despite the substantial populations within the Indian Territories, Congress insisted that Oklahoma be admitted as a single state. Today, we see the impact that had on establishing Oklahoma as a truly Native state – embracing our Native American brothers and sisters.

Oklahoma Democrats continue to make efforts to include all Oklahomans in our state government and make bold progressive moves to bring Oklahoma into the 21st century. This is what we believe was the vision of those present at the Joint Statehood Convention in 1905 and ultimately the voters in 1907.
Happy 108th birthday Oklahoma and may we never cease to move forward.


16 Nov

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Statement on Opening Democratic Primaries to Independent Voters

Mark at Press Conf for Independents[Oklahoma City, OK, November 16, 2015] The following is the statement provided by Oklahoma Democratic Party chair, Mark Hammons, during a press conference and “Welcome to the Party” ceremony today at the Capitol in honor of opening Oklahoma’s Democratic Primaries to voters registered as Independent:

“Today, we make history. Yesterday, over 260,000 registered voters in Oklahoma had no voice selecting who would be on the general election ballot. Today, the Oklahoma Democratic Party is giving these Oklahomans a voice. The hallmark of the Democratic Party is courage, innovation and openness. And so we welcome Independent voters to join us in selecting Oklahoma’s next generation of leaders.

“As we celebrate the ideas and participation of a quarter of a million new voters in the Democratic primaries, let me thank the many leaders and visionaries who made today’s historic action become a reality. This is not one person’s accomplishment, but the achievement of a political party that is dedicated to growth and evolution.

“From former governors and gubernatorial nominees to our legislative leaders who supported reaching out to these disenfranchised Oklahomans. Seventy percent of Oklahoma’s convention delegates voted to approve this action. The Democratic Party’s Central Committee gave its unanimous support. And so tomorrow, a quarter of a million Oklahomans now are part of the Democratic Party’s process for selecting the best candidates to shape the future of our State and our country.

“To all Independent voters in Oklahoma, we welcome you.”

12 Nov

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