02 Dec

Fallin to Call for Special Election

House District 28 State Rep. Tom Newell Resigns, Prompting a Special Election

Representative Newell announced that he is resigning from his seat, only three weeks into winning his 2016 race. Newell delivered his resignation letter to Governor Fallin with an effective date of December 31, 2016. Fallin will call a special election for House District 28 within 30 days.

Representative Newell released the following statement:

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of House District 28,” said Newell, R-Seminole. “I will be pursuing an opportunity in the private sector that will allow me to spend more time with my family, while allowing me to serve families nationwide.

“I appreciate the trust people in District 28 placed in me. I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made with all of my colleagues in the Legislature. I know the state is capable hands with the new House members and Speaker-elect Charles McCall.”

The Oklahoma Democratic Party will announce details shortly for candidates interested in running for House District 28.

01 Dec

City Council and School Board Elections

City Council and School Board Elections

Filing dates for local city council and school board positions are fast approaching. If you are interested in serving your community, we encourage you to consider becoming a candidate and serving Oklahoma, your county and city.

This is a great opportunity for Democrats concerned about local and school issues to get involved and stand up for principles that are important to our children’s future and social justices.

The following Oklahoma City (City Council) and Oklahoma County (School Board) information, serves as an example on how you should file as a candidate in your respective city or county. Example: if you would like to file for candidacy on the Norman City Council, you would file with the Cleveland County Election Board or if you would like to run as a candidate for the Guthrie School Board, you should file with the Logan County Election Board. Please contact your respective County Election Boards for filing details.

City Council

Filing Dates/Election

Dec. 5-7, 2016 for the Oklahoma City Council election in 2017 for Wards 1, 3, 4, and 7.

Primary Election – Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017

Oklahoma County Election Board
4201 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK  73105-5210
(405) 713-1515


Filing Procedures:

To file as a candidate, submit a written declaration of candidacy to the Oklahoma County Election Board with your name (as you want it to appear on the ballot), address, Ward and the name of the office for which you are running.

Candidates must pay a $200 filing fee by cashier’s check or certified check, or provide a petition in support of the candidacy signed by 500 registered voters eligible to vote for the candidate. The petition is available from the Oklahoma County Election Board.

The check is returned if the candidate is unopposed, receives more than 15 percent of the votes in the primary election or advances to the general election.

Qualifying candidates must be: 

  • a U.S. citizen;
  • at least 21 years old;
  • a qualified Oklahoma City voter;
  • a resident of Oklahoma City or an area that has been annexed by Oklahoma City for at least three years before the election date;
  • a resident of the Ward in which they are running for at least six months;
  • and a registered voter at an address within the Ward in which they’re running for at least six months before filing a declaration of candidacy.


$12,000 per year


Elections are non-partisan and with no term limits.


School Board

Filing Period:

Monday 8:00 AM, December 5, 2016 through
Wednesday 5:00 PM, December 7, 2016

File at the County Election Board of the county wherein supervision of the school district is located or the County Election Board in the county in which the candidate resides.

OSSBA School Board Candidacy Information

OSSBA School Board Election Packet

OSSBA Candidate Brochure Information

Election Dates:

Annual School Election – Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Annual School Runoff Election – Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Candidate Filing Details:

Candidate Filing Packet

Board of Education candidates filing Declarations of Candidacy with the County Election Board Secretary also may be required to register and file campaign finance reports with the clerk of the Board of Education. A Statement of Organization for a candidate committee may be filed at any time but must be filed within 10 days after a candidate has accepted or spent more than $1,000 for his or her campaign. For more information, visit the Ethics Commission website at; contact the Ethics Commission by email at; by regular mail at State Capitol Building Room B – 5, Oklahoma City, OK 73105; or by phone at (405) 521-3451.


The Oklahoma Democratic Party is energized and looking forward to helping community leaders and candidates usher in changes for our children and Oklahomans around our great State.

22 Nov

Volunteer Meet & Greet – OKC


As an interested volunteer with the Oklahoma Democratic Party, we invite you to join us for an evening of meeting the ODP staff and other like-minded volunteers. There are many ways in which you can get involved with the Party from helping with communications and inputting data to working with county officials and training. We welcome you to visit with us to learn how you can contribute your talent, time and skills in helping us elect Democrats.

We will have light snacks available and information on how to volunteer your skills.

Please RSVP so we have an idea of how many will be attending on December 6th, 6-8PM.

09 Nov

RELEASE: Statement by Mark Hammons Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair on Trump Win

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 9, 2016] Statement by Mark Hammons Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair on Trump Win: 2016 was a Trump tornado and some very good Democratic candidates were its casualties. This cycle shows that Oklahoma, as well as the nation, is ready for a change. The establishment elite and political power brokers have failed us all.

What I fear Oklahomans have not yet realized is that in Oklahoma, the establishment and the political power brokers the Republican Party.

The question Oklahomans should ask is: Will the Republican Party heed the winds of change and go in a new direction? Will the Republicans stop favoring the elite and start taking care of grassroots people and their needs?

The Democratic Party has paid attention. We are going to be the voice of change for the people. And that voice will make the 2018 election picture very different.

Mark Hammons
Oklahoma Democratic Party – Chair

04 Nov

RELEASE: Statement on Joy Hofmeister Indictment

[Oklahoma City, OK, November 4, 2016] Statement by The Oklahoma Democratic Party on Joy Hofmeister indictment: Recently indicted Republican School Superintendent Hofmeister has been jumping into legislative races, endorsing Republican candidates and their weak, phony education message for months.  Hofmeister’s indictment on conspiracy to commit campaign contribution violation, should tell voters that her endorsements are based on pure, partisan politics and demonstrates yet another example of never-ending in-fighting among Republicans concerning our children’s education.

Charges have also been filed against Republican political consultant Fount Holland who per his website, has represented more than 100 Oklahoma Republican officials. Donald Trump’s Oklahoma volunteer coordinator, Stephanie Milligan and officer of Alexander Companies, formed by a former lobbyist who worked with Holland, has also been listed in the indictment. Legal papers filed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, state that they allegedly took part in funneling corporate money through education lobbying groups into a dark money group.  Holland has faced a previous investigation involving illegal conspiracy with political candidates.

Republican candidates, supported by Hofmeister, Holland and Milligan, are public education foes putting their own agendas first, and have refused to truly make teacher’s pay and education a top priority. This is another setback for education. Oklahomans continue to suffer at the hands of unethical and criminally negligent behavior among Republicans and those claiming to be working for our children and education.  Voters will be ready to hand out pink slips on November 8 to Republicans that have ignored a principal requirement to the success of our children’s future, and proper education funding.