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Mar 09, 2017 - Mar 09, 2017

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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Rogers County Building
Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

Volunteers in each neighborhood are the backbone of the party.

Precinct leaders and volunteers in the Rogers County Democratic Party (RCDP) are a network of activists with the electoral goal of boosting turnout of likely Democratic voters in their neighborhood, cities and counties, for local, state and congrssional elections. There’s plenty to do if you decide to get active with your party! Precinct delegates lead their neighborhood adn work together with RCDP candidates, RCDP executive officers, as well as with district & state party organizations.

The precinct is the smallest political unit in Oklahoma politics. There are 2,108 precincts in Oklahoma dividing up 77 counties. Size of precincts range from fewer than 100 registered voters to well over 2,000. They cover both urban and rural areas. In a close election, whether statewide or local, a strong precinct operation may likely decide the outcome. Money may buy expensive media, but precinct organizers get the votes out. Votes, not money, win elections. Active volunteers in precincts are the real currency of successful campaigns.

Precinct organizations drive the success of the Rogers County Democratic Party and its candidates. County party officers are responsible for providing direct support to precinct delegates (up to 3 per precinct), and for localizing goals to meet the needs of candidates. The upcoming meeting on March 9th 2017 is part of a 2-year cycle getting RCDP ready to contest legislative seats in the 2018 November midterm election. Likely we will focus on regaining State Senate District 2 (Claremore and area) for the 2018 midterm.

You must be a precinct delegate (precinct officer) representing your neighborhood in order to vote at the upcoming Rogers County Democratic Convention (county-wide event) and/or to stand for election as a delegate to the Oklahoma Democratic Party Convention (state-wide event).

Please note time: We meet one hour earlier than other county parties, with the March 9th RCDP Precinct-Level Elections beginning at 6pm.

If you have any trouble finding the Rogers County Public Building on Brady Street near the Expo, please give us a call at (918) 406-1186.