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04 Aug

Jobs Report by Tom Perez

Today’s jobs report shows that President Obama’s bold policies and long-term economic investments are still paying off.

02 Aug

RELEASE: Charges Dropped Pending Further Investigation

Unethical Republican leadership has failed Oklahoma. It’s imperative that those working for our children and education be held to the highest moral and ethical standards.

14 Jul

RELEASE: DNC Response to Flipping Republican Seats

Oklahoma Democrats Flipped Republican Strongholds

12 Jul

RELEASE: Democrats Win Both House and Senate Seats in Special Election

The ODP congratulates Representative-Elect Karen Gaddis and Senator-Elect Michael Brooks for their well-run campaigns and victories as they step forward to fight for our Democratic values.

10 Jul

RELEASE: DNC Announces Unprecedented Investments in State Democratic Parties

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) today announced the details of new unprecedented investments along with the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC)