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15 Nov

RELEASE: Tom Perez on Oklahoma’s Win

Congratulations to Allison Ikley-Freeman on her victory in her state Senate race, which flipped one more Republican-held seat from red to blue

14 Nov

Squandered Opportunity by Republican-Super-Majority Failed Leadership

This new budget is another instance of a failed approach that has left Oklahoma stuck in a permanent budget crisis

09 Nov

RELEASE: Oklahoma Senate Democratic Leader Issues Statement on Revenue Failure

Now is the time for us to redouble our efforts, push forward, and find a new path to a long-term budget solution

26 Oct

RELEASE: Oklahoma Senate Approves Bipartisan Resolution: GPT Increase

The Senate resolution asks the House to amend the budget agreement bill (HB 1035X) to include an increase in the gross production tax

07 Sep

RELEASE: The ODP Calls for Senator to Resign

In light of sexual battery charges by Oklahoma City Police, Senator Marlatt R-Woodward should immediately step down and resign.