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15 Nov

RELEASE: Democratic Caucus Statement on Continued Cuts to Agencies

House Democrats will continue to fight for responsible, equitable, and stable revenue raising measures

14 Nov

Squandered Opportunity by Republican-Super-Majority Failed Leadership

This new budget is another instance of a failed approach that has left Oklahoma stuck in a permanent budget crisis

09 Nov

RELEASE: Democratic Caucus Urges Path Forward

The Mediocre "Bargain," House Bill 1054X, failed yesterday due to the efforts of House Republican leadership.

08 Nov

RELEASE: House Dems Release Statement on Failure of House Bill 1054X

House Republicans have once again failed to deliver the leadership necessary to bring an end to this special session

31 Oct

RELEASE: House Dems Statement on GOP “Temporary Budget Patch”

The people of Oklahoma deserve certainty in their budget. Passing rainy day and special cash ensures no cuts to mental health, healthcare, and Department of Human Services for the next three months.