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20 Mar

House Dems Respond to Court’s Decision to Allow GPT State Question

"This initiative represents the last stand for teachers,” said Minority Leader Steve Kouplen, D-Beggs.

14 Mar

Inman Offers Opportunity to Negotiate Revenue Deal on House Floor

OKLAHOMA CITY – Rep. Scott Inman has filed an amendment to an amendment on House Bill 2152 to offer an opportunity to debate and pass multiple revenue raising measures on the House floor.

08 Mar

When We Compete, We Can Win

We flipped 4 red seats to blue. How did we do it?

02 Mar

GOP Committees Hear Lowest Number of Minority Bills in Recent Memory

House Republican leadership has elected not to listen to the people

28 Feb

Reps. Dunnington, Munson and Young Respond To Updated House Chaplain Program

Essentially what we have is one member using his position to enact discriminatory policy.