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21 Sep

ASDC T3 Training Program

The Association of State Democratic Chairs was able to develop a strong training curriculum that will serve as a blueprint for county and municipal organizing for 2016 and beyond. They’ve¬†partnered with a number of departments within the Democratic National Committee, ...

16 Jun

Notice To Reconvene State Convention

The State Democratic Convention, conducted on May 30, 2015 at Oklahoma City Community College, was recessed following the election of officers. The recess was done to allow the Convention to consider certain resolutions, constitution, and bylaw provisions which could not ...

22 May

2015 Activist Award Honorees

The Oklahoma Democratic Party created Activist Hall of Fame in 2002, to recognize inductees for their commitment and hard work to help elect Democrats over multiple election cycles and improve the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Inductions are made annually to Oklahoma ...

20 Apr

Community Leader Cyndi Munson Announces Candidacy for House District 85

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 20, 2015 For more information contact: Kylie Shelley Community Leader Cyndi Munson Announces Candidacy for House District 85 Cyndi Munson, community leader and advocate, announced her candidacy for House District 85. The House seat became ...

12 Nov

Oklahoma Election Board meeting in secret

The 2014 election isn’t quite over yet. As many of you know, our candidate for the 2nd Congressional District passed away before the General Election. Earl Everett was a war hero, and we were proud to have him as our ...