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15 Dec

Democrats Launch Service-Based Initiative “Dems For You”

The service-based initiative will help state and local Democratic parties build organizing capacity and recruit volunteers.

12 Dec

Tom Perez on Hanukkah

The triumph of the Maccabees reminds us to find strength in faith and community in the face of fear and persecution.

08 Dec

DNC Chair on Recent Sexual Harassment Allegations

Together, we all must share the responsibility of building a culture of trust and respect for women in every industry and workplace.

06 Dec

Majority of Voters Oppose Republican Tax Plan: It Hurts The Middle Class

Nearly half of American taxpayers would pay more in taxes in 2027 under the Senate Republican tax bill

27 Nov

RELEASE: Tom Perez on Trump’s Racial Slur

President Trump’s racial slur disparagingly calling U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”