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19 Oct

Blockquote Post

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16 Oct

Can Inhofe Debate?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 16, 2014   CAN INHOFE DEBATE The only US Senate Candidate who refuses to debate? “Senior Senator should release mental evaluations and medical records if he avoids debating his opponent…”   Oklahoma City, OK –Democratic Senatorial ...

15 Oct

Mary Fallin causes budget shortfall for Oklahoma Health Care Authority

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2014   MARY FALLIN DIVERTS ATTENTION FROM FAILED HEALTH CARE POLICIES Her refusal of Medicaid Expansion leaves Oklahoma Health Care Authority $164 Million in Debt   OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair, Wallace Collins, ...

15 Oct

Steve Russell Dodges Debate…Again

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2014 Contact: Trav Robertson (405) 427-3366   STEVE RUSSELL DODGES DEBATE…AGAIN Latest campaign stop, Indiana… “He doesn’t live in the district, and he doesn’t campaign in the district…”   Oklahoma City – Steve Russell, ...

09 Oct

Republican Chair joins Democrats in calling out Fallin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 9, 2014   STATE REPUBLICAN CHAIR JOINS DEMOCRATS IN CALLING ON FALLIN TO COMPLY WITH OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS Nation’s most “secretive” Governor called out by her own Party boss… OKLAHOMA CITY – Today, embattled Republican Party ...