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04 Sep

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Labor Day

American workers are second to none. And thanks to the labor movement, our economy is the envy of the world.

31 Aug

RELEASE: DNC Response to GOP Lawmakers Inciting Violence

Both Warren Love and Jason Spencer made unconscionable threats alluding to a type of political violence with painful roots in American history.

22 Aug

RELEASE: DNC Chair Tom Perez on Arizona Trump Rally

Instead of uniting the American people against hatred and bigotry, Trump is heading to Arizona to throw salt in the wounds he tore open with his response to Charlottesville.

14 Aug

RELEASE: Perez on 82nd Anniversary of Social Security

When President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, he said that this historic law would bring ‘protection to the average citizen’ and their family.

10 Aug

DNC Response to Skyrocketing Health Care Premiums

In response to a new study that found President Trump’s actions are causing double-digit premium increases