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RELEASE: House Dem Caucus – Environmental Protection Concerns

You don’t have to be a “flaming liberal tree-hugger” to be concerned about the funding cutbacks in state and federal environmental programs.

Fallin Orders Two More 2017 Special Elections

Fallin has ordered special elections to fill the vacancies in SD 44 and HD 46

RELEASE: Trump Immigration Actions Do Not Keep Us Safe

“Local law enforcement know their communities best and the Trump administration is trying to undermine their role by threatening to take away

RELEASE: House Democrats Propose a Recurring Revenue Plan

House Democrats Unveil ‘Restoring Oklahoma Budget Plan'

RELEASE: House Dem Caucus Legislation Update

Legislation About Dyslexia, 4-Day School Weeks Passes House; AIDS/HIV Education Update Spurned; No-Mandates-Without-Funding Measure Shelved