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09 Feb

RELEASE: Dyslexia to be Highlighted at State Capitol Feb. 20

OKLAHOMA CITY (9 February 2017) – An event to focus attention on dyslexia is scheduled at the State Capitol later this month, Rep. Ed Cannaday announced Thursday.

31 Jan

Black History Month 2017

The month of February is designated as Black History Month to celebrate and recognize the role of African-Americans in United States' history. Every year a new theme is chosen to represent that month's main focus.

19 Dec

New Leadership, New Beginnings

The new Democratic National Party’s chair will bear a great responsibility in rebuilding a broken Party that suffered massive defeats statewide and nationally. The aftermath of the presidential loss gave way to creating various factions vying for power. It will ...

29 Jul

Oklahoma CD 2: Primary Edition

Oklahoma Republicans have been subjecting our state to a lot recently- passing unconstitutional (and embarrassing) legislation, pillaging limited funds to patch up an ongoing budgetary crisis, four day school weeks. Republican mismanagement of our state is what motivated over 52,000 ...

27 Jul

Mental Health and Gun Violence

In 1966, the US was in Vietnam, the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”, and 14 people were killed by a sniper at the University of Texas in Austin.[1] The following year, President Lyndon B. Johnson spoke of how “senseless ...