October 29, 2014

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As unemployment benefit claims rise… Fallin attacks “those people”

Whispering the words, “those people” did Fallin mean African Americans or members of the Hispanic Community?” 


Alva, Oklahoma—Monday during a lightly attended campaign stop, Mary Fallin was overheard discussing her priority if re-elected next week. According to video, the Governor states that everyone can work who wants to work then quietly leans in close to the speaker, shifting her eyes, shrugging her shoulders and whispers, “ well the next thing I have to do—is get THOSE people to work…”

Dana Orwig, Oklahoma Democratic Party Vice-Chair stated, “The middle class in our state is struggling. Her insensitive comments dismiss those who are unemployed, those who are disabled, those who have been laid off. I hope the allusion of her derogatory comments regarding our minority communities was merely a slip of the tongue.”

During a routine campaign stop Mary Fallin had the opportunity to defend the middle class by sticking up for her fellow Oklahomans who don’t live tax free in the Governor’s mansion. Unfortunately, she refused to display any sympathy for those out of work and those with physical or mental disabilities.

“Unto the least of these, Christ teaches us. It is disturbing to see and hear a Governor who displayed the Cross so visually during the lone debate with Joe Dorman, fail to recognize the suffering of the least among us,” concluded Dana Orwig.


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Dax Ewbank Endorses Joe Dorman

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MondayOctober 27, 2014

CONTACT: Alex Kaplan, Joe Dorman for Oklahoma | 405-971-4563


OKLAHOMA CITY – Dax Ewbank, who ran against Mary Fallin in the Republican gubernatorial primary, has endorsed Joe Dorman for Governor. Calling him a “good man with a good heart for our state,” Ewbank said Dorman will “provide access to the executive and a voice for those petitioning our government for different issues important to them.”

“I appreciate Dax’s endorsement and thank him for his commitment to Oklahoma’s future,” said Dorman. “Like many Oklahomans across the political spectrum, he is dissatisfied with Mary Fallin’s failed policies and knows the state can do better.”

Ewbank is among the many Republicans who are crossing party lines to endorse Dorman. 

Dorman also said he agrees with Ewbank’s call to reform the state’s ballot access laws. 

“For too long now, voters have been limited in their choices on Election Day due to steep requirements to get on the ballot,” said Dorman. “As Governor, I am committed to reforming our ballot access laws.”

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Republican Party Chair Critical of Fallin’s Pay Raises?


October 22, 2014






“Dave Weston is trying to divert attention from the fact that Fallin agreed to a fifty-eight point five percent pay raise (58.5%) for agency heads…”

Oklahoma City—Hours after it was discovered that Mary Fallin and her appointees approved massive salary increases for her political buddies, the State Republican Chair mounted a feeble attempt to blame Dr. John Cox for the decision a local school board made regarding his compensation.

“It is rather sad that Mr. Weston has such disregard for public educators and local control that he would criticize the hard work Dr. Cox does in his community while remaining silent as Governor Fallin jacks up the salaries for political buddies. Once again, Dave Weston proves that Republicans do not support public education,” stated Trav Robertson, Oklahoma Democratic Party Executive Director.

Today, it was announced that forty-eight (48) directors were granted raises by those board members appointed by Mary Fallin. One raise equaled more than a fifty-eight percent (58%) increase. Another raise equaled more than thirty percent (30%).

Robertson concluded, “ Weston has not said one thing this election cycle that is not hypocritical. He is okay with Mary Fallin giving her Republican political appointees raises, but is critical of a locally controlled school board’s decisions over compensation. If he is so concerned about tax dollars, he should point the finger at his nominee for Governor who approved of these raises and cut education by two hundred million dollars. Not to mention the fact that Dr. John Cox is the only person who has the educational background to be Superintendent of Public Instruction.”



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